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Early morning.

"Mei," Chu Feng brought Mei to her little home. She had took the body of Mei out from the Zhou residence to "dispose" her. Last evening's situation turned out to be in her favor. Mei's death allowed her to be free.

"Yes Miss!" Mei replied energetically. 

"I told you that you aren't my servant anymore. You don't work for the Prime Minister's residence anymore and don't move around too much. Your body isn't good yet." Chu Feng looked at Mei who was energetically moving her body. 

"You had just died and yet you won't listen." Chu Feng sighed. 

"Miss, am I not human anymore? I died but I am alive." Mei questioned. She was dead. Was she a dead person walking now?

"From now on, you are Mei Lien. Mei died. Mei Lien is born. Also, I am Chu Feng, not Han Qin Xi. You are no longer tied to the Zhou household. Your contract is no longer too." 

Chu Feng scolded her. Mei Lien has to get use to her new name. Mei no longer exists. Maybe Mei can find live a new life and escape the claws of fate if her life as "Mei" is gone. If everything goes well, Chu Feng can even be "Chu Feng" and not "Han Qin Xi". 

"Thank you! Miss!" 

Chu Feng sighed. A habit will always stay a habit. She took a look out the window. At least now, she didn't have to leave Mei Lien behind as she planned before. 

"Mei Lien, you are no longer mortal," Chu Feng broke the news to Mei Lien. This was probably due to the power of a Flower Maiden's blood. Mei Lien got some power out of the blood. Maybe her power was to be immortal. She did just come back from the dead.

Since a Flower Maiden is tied to their 'servants' or the people who carries the Flower Maiden's blood, when someone decided to kill Mei, it must have affected Chu Feng. Thus, Chu Feng fainted. She didn't think that the tie was that strong. Killing Mei was like killing Chu Feng. This problem, she needed to investigate. Who would murder a servant?

And if so, she fainted just a few moments after Mei left. Mei was probably killed then.

Mei Lien's happy face dimmed a little but light up fast. "Even so, I'm glad to be alive or at least living. Thank you." 

"You've already met Mingyu."

"He's not human too?" Mei Lien interrupted. "Ah sorry."

"No, it's ok. I'm glad that you are like this and you are right. Mingyu isn't human." Chu Feng looked over at Mingyu who was organizing the room. "He's a serpent, a golden serpent."

Mei Lien gasped, her hands covering her mouth. "A divine beast?! Like the ones found only in books and children stories?"

It was something only heard through books. The golden serpent being in this world was only hearsay. She just couldn't believe it.

"Mingyu is indeed a divine beast, but he's harmless. He can't speak." Chu Feng explained carefully for Mei Lien to not be scared of Mingyu due to his identity. She already introduced them to each other now. It's best to since Mingyu and Mei Lien will be living with each other from now on.

Mingyu did need a helping hand after all. They were going to open a flower shop soon. Though no flower shop exist in this universe since flowers aren't that popular. 

Flowers are treated like grass and sometimes medicine but that only happens if a rare type of flower is grown like the Sun Essence Flower or the Water Fire Flower. Those types of flowers would have everyone run and fight for it. Some people will even use those rare flowers to help cultivate or make enhancement pills. 

Now that she think about it, maybe a flower shop will be good. She could easily make a flower garden and grow flowers since she is a Flower Maiden. She'll never run out of flowers too. People do appreciate beautiful things and if they advertise much, people will come buy their things. 

Mingyu is handsome too so he will attract customers. Mei Lien doesn't look as bad too. Both of them were beautiful. They'll get people to buy flowers by just smiling or looking at people. Chu Feng's thoughts was filled with a bunch of crystals. Just thinking about the profits being made, made her ecstatic. 

She will be able to live life as a normal person after she find a way to 'die' as Han Qin Xi. Maybe divorce would be possible if everything goes right and she wouldn't have to die.

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