So You've Heard (2)

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The bells kept ringing. 

The two new wives must have called for a demon extermination. Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran has come to cause trouble once again. 

What is making them want to get rid of her so desperately? Because she hold the title of first wife? It is not like she wants it. Just take it away. 

Even if they are great and renown cultivators, they would eliminate a housewife. What a laugh. It was great when reading the story but horrible when you are in the position of being the one who they are aiming at.

Chu Feng hurried to grab some wood from her courtyard's wood shed and blocked the door with it. No matter who, she would not let them enter so easily. 

She threw some of the Brown Spirit seeds at the door. Then, she quickly poured water onto the doorway. Just as she was about finished, voices could be heard from outside.

"This is the place where the dark matters are coming from," Lou Nan's voice could be easily heard through the door. She made sure to say it very loudly.

The demon exterminator nodded his head in agreement. 

Do they dare to come in? This is the Zhou residence and she was the first wife. No matter who, they would not dare to walk leisurely into a woman's courtyard. But led by the new favored wives, those annoying bugs must have courage.

If then, she could only use her last resort: Golden Honey. Even if she don't know martial arts, she can use her brain unlike some of these people. After finishing everything, Chu Feng went to lay on her bed. She slowly closed her eyes and counted from ten.

Ten. Nine. Eight. 

Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran, along with their servants and the demon exterminator, with all their might, broke the door open. The door was especially made of strong wood to protect the first wife of the Young Prime Minister, no matter who. It was also enchanted to not allow those who go out come back in unless they had a servant talisman saying that their master was Han Qin Xi since she was grounded for a month.

But this was only something that Chu Feng knows as she was once the reader. Their actions were so useless that Chu Feng could cry any moment. Though, it's not up for her to decide. The male lead is not one to depend on. She must turn to Madam Zhou.

Once Chu Feng counted to zero, screams were yelled loud and clear. A smirk appeared on Chu Feng's face. Then, she got up from her bed. 

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