The Unimportant Important Characters

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"Ah!" Chu Feng was pulled by someone as she was about to walk away.

Ming Shu grabbed onto Chu Feng the moment she (MS) eyes laid on her (CF). "Come join us," she said, not letting go of Chu Feng.

So she (CF) wasn't the only one aware of the weird atmosphere in that table.

Ming Shu made Chu Feng sit at the table with He Delun, Master Ling, and a man in red who was holding his fan. Ming Shu, sitting next to her ex-fiance, is weird isn't it? 

"This is Han Qin Xi," Ming Shu introduced Chu Feng to break the silence. Chu Feng was glad that Ming Shu didn't reveal her identity to them. It was best to keep away 'Chu Feng' from everyone 'new'.

"Ah, I remember," Master Ling said as he rolled his eyes. Although the woman in front of him -Chu Feng-  looked different, he will never forget the woman who broke his newly made shop that had to go under construction. He lost a lot of crystals just to rebuild his restaurant. 

With Master Ling's reaction, Chu Feng knew that Master Ling recognized her, but even if he knew, he don't know her identity as Chu Feng.

"This is He Delun, Master Ling, and Ou Renshu," Ming Shu confidently introduced them all to each other. Many eyes looked at the table because of the weird mix of people there. 

Ming Shu is the first daughter of the Southern General Ming, single, and sitting with three potentially good looking men who could become her husband. 

He Delun is the fourth son of the He clan and is 'sick' but his skin was still much better than all others which makes people envious. He was also Ming Shu's ex-fiance. 

Master Ling owns a lot of shops of all kinds and is known to a lot of people. He's very popular and everyone would like to have a chance to talk or even have a small glance at him. Chu Feng remembered that she once broke his restaurant.

Ou Renshu, a man who Chu Feng only sees him in red and is always holding a fan, playing with it like he had no care of the world. She first saw him at the Zhou Residence. From the moment that Chu Feng sat down, Ou Renshu has never taken his eyes off of Master Ling.

Then, there's her, Han Qin Xi, a woman married to the Prime Minister, known to be clumsy and crazy for the Prime Minister's love (although she did nothing so far to try to get the male lead's attention). 

All five of them just do not fit well together at a table. 

Chu Feng once again tried her best to eat her food in silence until Master Ling spoke out to her saying, "Han Qin Xi, you aren't really as weak as others say."

Chu Feng stopped eating for a moment and looked at Master Ling. What was he trying to do? Is he trying to bring up the past?

"Master Ling, what are you saying? I am but a weak, fragile housewife of the Prime Minister." Chu Feng replied with her voice as soft and weak as possible.

Master Ling pulled out s smile like he was beginning to have fun. "Aha. Weak, aren't you so?" 

"Xi'er, how's the food?" Ming Shu really was trying hard to break the awkwardness. She tried to change the topic.

"To my taste." Chu Feng gave a short answer and continued eating to her fill.

"Thank you, I made it," Master Ling said quickly after Chu Feng finished talking. His eyes smiling and glittering.

Chu Feng eyed him and pulled out a smile, "I'm just glad that I'm getting to eat them for free this time."

Master Ling's eyes stopped smiling for a second but quickly went back to its smiling self. Ou Renshu caught it although no one else did. 

Ming Shu thought she brought up the wrong topic to talk about and scolded herself in her heart. Just then, a man came up to Chu Feng.

"Are you Miss Han Qin Xi?" He asked.

Chu Feng was distressed. Can't she eat in silence? One person after another kept on disturbing her. She looked at the person who asked her and nodded while she ate. The man looked like Lan Jing but was a little different. 

"I am Lan Qingge, third son of the Lan Clan. You must know my youngest brother, Lan Jing." Lan Qingge said confidently and sat next to them.

Lan clan's sons are known to be handsome and all. They were also known to be strong at cultivation. Lan Qingge do look handsome but compared to the male lead, he was a dull man. Well, to be honest, comparing anyone to the male lead would make them dull right away, except for Lan Jing, Mr. Second Male Lead. 

Thinking about them led her eyes to seeing the two men together. The sight of the two male leads together was really too blinding. Lan Jing and the Young Prime Minister Zhou sitting together drinking wine was really a sight to behold. Their table was too much for a mob character's eyes. It was a rare sight too. 

I thought they didn't get along in the novel? What were they talking about that made them sit down together so peacefully?

She ignored whatever Lan Qingge was saying to her and went back to eat. He was blabbering on and on about something unrelatable, going into politics and all. 

Finally, the party was over and so was the awkwardness. Madam Zhou had left earlier without telling her and even took her (CF) carriage. Did she not come in her own carriage? Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran seemed to have already left too.

What surprised her the most was that the Young Prime Minister Zhou was waiting outside with a carriage for her.

"Miss, Madam Zhou commanded for the Young Prime Minister Zhou to take you home," a servant came up to her and relay her the message. Chu Feng sighed. Why must she spent so much of her time with the Prime Minister? But she wasn't going to walk home while it was still dark so she went inside and besides, Han Qin Xi would get excited when she gets to do something with the male lead. 

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