A Desire For Answers

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Because it was still a little early, not much people were outside but those who were, had their ears and eyes focused on the scene. Clouds began to cover the rising morning sun and snow fell down slowly. The hanging lanterns at every corner of the road had lost their little fire. 

This situation was really getting long and tiring. The servants only continued yapping and blaming her (CF) about the situation. It seems like they didn't fear the life contracts anymore. Well, there were other things that she could do.

Somehow, the sky got a little darker and the snow started to fall a little heavier than before. With a wave of her hand, a few thorny vines about the size of a rope appeared from the ground and wrapped around some of the servants, bleeding them dry.

The servants' bodies fell to ground the moment the thorny vines wrapped around them. Soundless and breathless, they were.

The currently alive servants were too busy arguing and yelling about their innocence so they didn't see the thorny vines at all. All they saw was some servants falling to the ground and becoming lifeless.

Finally, the currently alive servants quieted down. They felt shivers go down their spine as they looked at the dead unmoving bodies next to them. Some of them even held onto their own breath, scared of making any sound. 

Just a few days earlier before Patriarch Han died, their master said that the Third Miss was crazy, easily tricked, and they could easily blame her for the death once she comes back. But what was happening here? Why wasn't the Third Lady stupid and dumb? Why was it so hard to convince her? Did the master tell them the wrong things? No. The master was always right. 

Chu Feng moved her umbrella to a more comfortable position on her shoulders. There were too many of them servants who were useless and she didn't need all of them. She only needed the important ones. 

Looking at the servants, there were ten in particular that wore better clothings but from what she "accidentally" overheard in the Lord Wang and Father Han's conversation, none of them worked in any of the main courtyards so they couldn't have gotten them from the Han Clan and even if they did, their wage can only buy one month's worth of food and or a set of plain clothes (no outstanding work designs on them). Luckily, because the servant were thrown out and chained quickly, they didn't get to change into other clothes.

Saving money wasn't an option for servants, else they prefer to die in that one month because they aren't provided with food but water and payment only. This world was really cruel to servants. All the food rations were only for the households to eat, none for the servants. If they wanted to survive, they'll have to bring their own food. Servants also didn't have the right to stay in the residence after their jobs for the day was done. Only slaves could because they were own by the household or clan. Well, at least the slaves get housing and food rations but they get no payment or anything.

But isn't ten people a bit too much? The mastermind would only choose a selected few who can manipulate some servants and make those servants do what they say. Then, maybe half or a few of the ten nicely clothed servants worked directly for the mastermind. 

While looking back and forth between those servants, she pointed at a servant in his twenties. All the servants followed her hand to see what she was pointing at.

"The old servant there, he's your son isn't he?" Chu Feng smiled gently, twirling her umbrella around. She could tell based on their close resemblance. The old servant must have really taught his son well and even dragged his son into this mess. 

The old servant immediately shook his head side to side in response. He wasn't going to let her know, else his son may end up like those corpse. He had kept his son a secret from all the other servants until now so if he said no, no one would say that he was lying.

Chu Feng looked at the old servant. She knew they were related. Such close resemblance, clothes, and hairstyle, who would not say that they were father and son? 

The old servant didn't believe that the Third Miss could be smart so he continued with his lie. Maybe Han Qin Xi would believe in him but the Third Miss he was facing was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng's face dimmed a little and she stopped twirling her umbrella. She made eye contact with the old servant who looked away quickly. 

"You have thirty seconds to answer my each of my questions. Each second you waste, your son will be losing a limb," Chu Feng said with certainty as she eyed the old servant. She was not going to take a no for an answer. Denying was not an answer.

The old servant knew that the Third Miss of the Han clan didn't know any cultivation. Even if she somehow knew, she couldn't have gotten so powerful that she could kill someone. Those servants who died just now must have only died from the electric chains and the coldness. No way was the Third Miss powerful. He's watched her since she came into the Han Clan. She can't even hurt an ant.

Assuring himself, he wasn't going to reply or give answers to the Third Miss at all.

Knowing that the old servant was doubting her abilities, Chu Feng immediately closed her umbrella and threw it straight at the old servant's son. 

"Aah!" The old servant's son shouted in pain within seconds. A gush of blood came out from his palm like a pipe that just exploded.

The tip of the umbrella had stabbed right through his right palm and into the snow. It stuck there while the old servant's son screamed in pain and misery. He didn't know if he should take the umbrella out or not. Was blood going to come out more if he took it out of his palm? 

"Old man. Be truthful okay?" Chu Feng reminded the old man, catching his attention and the servants. She was warning them. If she didn't get an answer by the end of their conversation, she was going to squeeze every ounce of blood out of the servants. No, she was going to do it anyways. 

As she walked closer to the old servant's son to retrieve her bloodied umbrella, she suddenly tripped and fell into the snow. 

So she is still an idiot. That before must be all for show. Thank goodness.

The servants were dumbfounded for a moment. Then, all the servants gave a sigh of relief simultaneously except for the old servant for he felt the coldness of the Third Miss. He could feel her powerful and suffocating aura. Was she really their idiotic, dumb and clumsy Third Miss? Could being away for four years change a person this much?

The old servant inhaled and exhaled air to find a way to get out of this mess. He knew that all the servants with him right now were fated to die to today. If not by the Third Miss's hands, it would be by their master's. 

For a better life and better opportunities for his only son, he willingly betrayed the declining Han clan and the dead old patriarch of the Han clan. He didn't even know that his son was dragged into this mess until the Han clan searched for the culprits two days ago. Fate was really harsh on low born citizens. The gods must have not cared about the low borns at all.

The old man looked at the cloudy and snowy sky. He had made his decision. In his life, he had never made a decision before. The moment he was born, he was already a servant because at the time of his birth, his mother was still a servant and died after giving birth to him so he had to take her place and finish her years as a servant. After finishing his mother's servitude years, he went to work for the Han clan as a house servant. There, he was able to find his lover who left him after giving birth to his son. Maybe now, he's lived long enough and can make his own decisions.

Chu Feng got back up. Her mood wasn't quite good right now -no, it was never good to begin with. And now, it got worse. She patted the snow off of her clothes and hair. Then, she looked down at the snow. The snow was really high, high enough to cover both of her feet, but it shouldn't have been enough to make her trip. 

Just as she stepped away, a little black fur ball appeared from where she fell. It had been a long time since she met this little black fur ball. If it was here, then the female lead must be here too.

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