A Taste of Freedom

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Han Qin Xi is no longer. Only Chu Feng. She wasn't going to live as Han Qin Xi. She was Chu Feng and will live like Chu Feng. 

Although she felt bad about burning the courtyard, she really needed to escape. She didn't want to die, even if it was a few years from now. Dying once was already enough for her.

No, did she even die before? 

She could have died reading? But how does one die reading?

Forget it.

At least she get to live a new life.

In a run down inn, Chu Feng rested in a room. Not many people came to the inn so she was able to sleep quietly.


"Zhang Min, sister! I'm here!" Chu Feng called out while a young woman in her 20s was sitting and crying. "Can't you hear me? Sister Zhang Min!"

"She won't hear you, Chu Feng," a voice suddenly said.

"Han Qin Xi!" Chu Feng yelled. "You take your own place! I will not die in your place!"

Han Qin Xi smiled and bowed beautifully to Chu Feng. 

"I wanted to say thank you to you, Chu Feng."

"I don't care about your thank yous, I want to go back. I want to go back to my home!" Chu Feng angrily said. She only did what she did to save herself, not for anyone else. 

"I apologize that I cannot bring you back," Han Qin Xi said apologicatally with a sorry face, "I am not the one who brought you here."

Chu Feng made a confused face. She was put into Han Qin Xi's body so it should be her who made her come to this place.

"Either way, your original body has already decomposed and became one with the soil," Han Qin Xi apologized once again, "I am willing to give you my body if you can fulfill my wish."

In a flash, Chu Feng opened her eyes. She looked outside of the window and saw that it was still dark. The moon was still up. 

What wish? What decompose? What become one with the soil? 

She clenched her fist. It meant that she had already died in her original world. She could no longer go back. 

The realization hit Chu Feng hard. Tears came running down her jewel like face. Must she live on in this damn novel? Even if she really loved the novel to the point of wanting to marry it before, she didn't want to be part of it. 

She missed her sworn sister Zhang Min so much that it broke her heart. She missed the easy technology even if they were slow at times. She missed everything in her original world. Just thinking about never being able to see them again makes her pained. 

Till the morning, Chu Feng cried. Her eyes were puffy and her hair was messy.


But didn't she cut it off yesterday?

Chu Feng pulled her hair to see if it was real. It really was and longer than yesterday's. Now, her hair length was down to the floor. Before, it was just to her legs.

"Why did it grow back so fast?" Chu Feng questioned. 

Knock. Knock.

Someone was at the door. 

"Who?" Chu Feng asked.

"Miss, my mom said to give you this soup and this two buns," a little kid's voice said.

Chu Feng opened the door and saw a little kid. The kid was a girl with two hair buns. She accepted the food and ate it. Then, she packed everything again and went downstairs to pay for the food.

"If you're looking for a place to stay, you can stay here," the old woman said, "and the foos need not pay back."

The old woman had heard Chu Feng cry for the entire night. She also saw Chu Feng coming into the inn wearing a red wedding dress. She came to a conclusion that Chu Feng was left after trying elope with someone. 

The old woman looked at Chu Feng and opened her mouth, "Even if you love the man, you should just forget about such a horrible man. To want to elope and then run away by himself is very sad."

Chu Feng was surprised. Where did this woman get this thought process from? 

"What makes you say that?" Chu Feng asked confusedly.

The old woman thought Chu Feng wanted to hide it. 

"It's okay," the old woman sighed, "There was a man that came before you last night. You two must have set a date to meet with each other here in this run down place and elope, but he left just before you woke up. You can still catch up to him if you want."

Speechless, Chu Feng was. Just who is this man? 

Then, a realization came to her. 


Chu Feng rubbed her head and gave five red crystals to the old woman and rushed out.

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