pereira vs lewandowski

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before i even start, you know how you type things and the little red squiggle pops up under the word if its misspelled? apparently, in the english language dictionary, lewandowski is a totally acceptable english word. but pereira isn't? first, lewandowski is a polish word (last name, for those of you who want to get technical), but im just trying to prove my point that it is apparently in the dictionary, while pereira isn't. 

anyway, getting back to what is actually important.

i remember watching this game, it was a bit after the world cup and chivas was on tour in the usa, as was bayern munich. but i do not remember this happening. 

so i decided to watch highlights of the game and this one came up on the sidebar. its the moment when jair pereira, in his cute little blue pajama uniform (i call the blue uniform the pajama uniform, okay?) and big bad lewy (lol jk) get into a fight on the pitch.

first of all, it was jair's fault. the foul is clear. at least to me it is.

but then lewy gets up and pushes the shit out of jair. and jair, being the mexican he is (his nickname is the commander), pushes the shit out of lewy back. 

good for you, jair. not taking shit from anyone, no matter what team they play for.

this is purely hypothetical because i DO NOT encourage violence, EVER. but who do you reckon would win is they actually got into a fist fight? 

i want to say jair because mexicans are tough as fuck, and we dont back out of anything. also, mexicans are known to be superb boxers so perhaps jair could channel his inner julio cesar chavez/oscar de la hoya/canelo or whatnot and knock lewy into next week. or as my mother says, "to pick up his teeth on the street" (she says this in spanish though).

my counter argument to this is that fonfara beat the crap out of julio cesar chavez junior a couple months ago on the ring. but to be fair, chavez jr was soooo out of shape, and it was stupid for him to accept fighting fonfara either way (jcc jr is still my boy bc fine af).

also, i wonder what they said to each other. like lewy says something to jair as he pushes him, and then jair looks super pissed and says something as he pushes him back.

he probably called him an "hijo de tu puta madre". or "pinche maricon puto", or "pinche gringo mamon" even though lewy is not a gringo but actually a polish/european, or "hijo de la chingada", or "vete a la verga puto", the possibilities are endless. or perhaps he said them in english so that lewy could understand (does lewy speak english?) that jair was insulting him.

oh, and i loved the way aldo was there like telling lewy to chill. dammit jesus aldo de nigris, with your short hair, and your unconditional love for rayados de monterrey. why u leave chivas, boii? i miss you.  baby come back. and i also saw salcido and my little maple tree of doom talking to jair. peace keepers, chivas is love. chivas is life.

this is probably the stupidest post i have created.

but take a side:

team lewy or team jair? lol

like i said, the foul is clearly there. it WAS jair's fault. what i support is that he defended himself from agression like a brave motherfucker.

*i added the video above, watch it*

-clary xx

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