FMA Selección Mexicana

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im bored rn, on the university shuttle at 10pm. so i thought we could all play...

FUCK, MARRY, AVOID selección mexicana editon 🇲🇽

so here are the choices: (dioses)

-chichadios [javier hernández]
-tecadios [jesús corona]
-chuledios [javier orozco]


fuck - teca bc he looks innocent, more than chicha. and i still have my innocence. doesnt make sense bc teca has a child so he isnt fully innocent. but its my choice. lol

marry - chicha bc he started in chivas and i love chivas. and he has such a cute voice and face. i wouldnt mind seeing him in my bed every morning.

avoid - chule bc i hate santos laguna and i honestly dont think he is too much of a good player.

so YEAH. comment your picks below!

-clary xx

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