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i was tagged like a bajillion years ago by foreverpique and lucianovietto. if they didn't tag me, then i must have been dreaming because i often confuse dreams with reality. and im going to do the tag anyway since i copied the questions one by one, okay. so here i goooo.


my very first username was about three years ago, almost four now. haha. it was cubotorres123, back when i was obessed with football as a seventeen/eighteen year old. it wasn't very creative, but i just wanted a username. so i went with the first stupid username that popped into my head. that had been the summer that mexico won the summer olympics in london. i know my little cube wasn't part of the team, but he HAD BEEN before they left for the tournament. he was sacked last minute to make way for oribe peralta. i remember i was so angry at peralta for that. it wasn't his fault but...seventeen year old's logic is always strange.

about a month later, i got really sick and spent a lot of time in bed. the reason why i mention this is because i would just sit in bed for hours watching youtbube videos. and since 1D's liam had suggested in a twitcam to watch janoskians, that was exactly what i did. i fell in love with them and changed my username to Pornoskians. cringe.

a year and a half after that, i started liking football again and changed my name to claryvette bc that's my name.


my first story is one that is still up in my list of published works. its called 'absolutely forbidden' and its about skip from the janoskians.

my first 5sos fic was 'man in the mirror', the most successful of my books of ALL TIME. 1.8 MILLION reads. and i will be ever grateful to the 5sosfam forever. i still love 5sos, and still write fics about them. but right now, my writing focus is on football.

my first football fic was 'catfish' starring neymar. i have said this many times, neymar isn't my fave. but i don't hate him either. i only wrote it because i had a really good friend on here who loves him, and i basically wrote it for her. to this day, it is my most successful football fanfic with 50K+ reads, and i am so grateful to everyone for that.


i don't remember, since it was almost four years ago, but it was probably something absolutely cringe worthy.


the first football book i read was 'Portuguese for Beginners', on a different website. it was a website solely dedicated to people who wanted to write football fanfics. i joined that site when i was sixteen, and i made so many great friends there.

i tried to find the site recently, but it was permanently taken down. i guess because no one really ever logged on anymore.

on here, i'd have to say that hustings' book maisie was definitely one that stands out in my mind. i honestly, don't remember which football story i read on here first, but 'maisie' was so well written that when i think of the first football story i read here, that one definitely pops up in my mind first. maybe campeonisimo's football stories were among the first. i remember her seleccion fics. and i also remember reading stories by ladamadelamuerte. like i said, i dont remember which was the very first though.


definitely hustings. her way with words is just so beautiful, i almost kind of fell in love with the characters myself.


my first intent was to write. 

i had been writing stories on other sites since i was like thirteen, and then when i found wattpad, i thought i would try my luck. 

i had already gone on fanfiction . net, where i wrote anime and manga fics. no shame. i love the host club, vampire knight, special a, sailor moon, and beauty pop. 

i had also gone on another website where i read and wrote twilight fics. yes, i love twilight. i dont understand why people always gotta bully twilight and twilight fans. i hate harry potter, and i dont go around criticizing people who like it, even though the whole concept seems absolutely ridiculous to me. i may think it in my head, but i dont say it out loud. i expect the same respect for twilight.

anyway, moving on.

then i had an account in a jonas brothers fanfiction website. 

then i joined that football fanfiction website.

then a one direction fanfiction website. 

and lastly wattpad. this is the place i have lasted the longest, and i intend to make this my final stop because i'm an adult now and soon it will be time to face the real world, not a fantasy thought up in my own imagination.

but i love the people i have met on here, and i hope we can continue being friends for a very long time.

and i think i was tagged in the stalker tag as well, so if anyone can send my the questions through dm, that would be really nice. thank you.

-clary xx

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