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this is the last post of "i believe: book of rants", and wow. where has the time gone? last year in july i finished "juntos vs todo: a book of rants" which had a chivas themed cover. then i tried a usa themed cover, which meg made for me with her talented skills. i loved it. but that still didn't get me so much into the usmnt spirit. so im going back to what i love and im gonna make this next one a chivas themed cover.

its gonna be called 1906; Book of Rants.

so i hope you all follow me on there and continue reading my lame little posts. even if you dont have to. i am so grateful for all of you honestly. and I BELIEVE we will all continue to be great friends on this or any platform in which i post my stupid little remarks.

thank you for also sharing your thoughts and all that. it always made me smile to read you guys' comments.

so without further ado, i will close this chapter of my ranty life and start a new one in 1906. haha. 

thank you.

-clary xx

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