concacaf cup

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so yesterday was the concacaf cup. a one game tournament that would decide who would represent us as the concacaf region at the confederations cup in russia 2017. who were the finalists? 

usa, winner of the gold cup 2013.

and mexico, winner of the gold cup 2015.

the venue?

rose bowl stadium in pasadena california.

just a fun fact for you: before the match, out of four games played at the rose bowl, mexico had only lost to the usa once. and rose bowl, along with the los angeles coliseum, and soldier field in chicago, are considered to be the unofficial houses of mexico nt in usa. that is because the most mexicans turn up at those venues.

and we proved it last night. the stadium was 80% mexican fans. 

i really wanted to go, but the tickets were expensive. so i couldn't. but i watched it on my tv and it was the most intense game i have witnessed this year.

the rivalry is fierce. 

you NEVER want to lose to usa if you're mexico, and vice versa.

last week, i watched a documentary about this rivalry. and when they interviewed usa fans they were being super annoying, saying, "they just cant stand the fact that we took soccer from them. its the only thing they are good at, its the only thing they used to have on us. but now we are better than them." and i disagree with them. you haven't taken football (its pronounced football. what is soccer?) from us. we just had a momentary lapse in which we weren't doing so well.

but we're back. and we won the concacaf cup. 

we are going to confederations.

we are going to the olympics.

and i couldnt be more proud of mexico.

as an american, i love usmnt, and i support them. but i can never bring myself to do it whenever they play against mexico bc mexico is my number one. mexico is my love, my life.

and i will love them to the death. i will defend them to the death.

it wasn't an option, WE HAD TO WIN bc #ELFUTBOLESNUESTRO.

clary xx

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