eerie shit

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so guys...

i was reading one of my friends' stories on here, and in the suggestion bar a story popped up. it was called 'catfish' and it was about a footballer i like. so i clicked it because i love fanfics like that. 

i read the first chapter and literally the first three paragraphs were taken from my book 'catfished'. 

maybe im being paranoid, but i doubt its a coincidence. 

here is mine:

"As an American teenager with too much time on her hands, April Estiano spent a lot of her time on social media sites like youtube, instagram, and twitter. But she was more commonly known on youtube, where she was a beauty guru and had wracked up over a five hundred thousand subscribers in the span of two years."

and this is the other one:

"As an American teenager, Adriana Boneta spent too much time on social media sites like instagram, twitter, and youtube. You'd most commonly hear about her on youtube, where she was a beauty guru. She had wracked up over ten thousand followers."

its almost exact.

what should i do, guys?

i don't want to make anyone feel bad, but i also don't appreciate this happening.


-clary xx

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