gold cup semis

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today were the gold cup semis and there were some fucking surprises.

usa vs. jamaica. USA LOSES AND IS OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT. as an american, living in los angeles, it did hurt my heart to see them disqualified. but somewhere deep in my soul i was a bit glad only bc i like mexico just a little bit more. sorry usa. congrats to jamaica, making it into their first ever final. that is amazing and they deserved it.

mexico vs panama. PANAMA SCORED FIRST, AND WERE ABOUT TO WIN WHEN A PENALTY WAS GRANTED IN FAVOR OF MEXICO. the player from panama did a handball in the box, and it was given. i honestly think it was unintentional, but the ref didn't think so. i love mexico with all my heart, but i honestly think the refs fucked up. and i think they did it bc honestly, a panama vs. jamaica final was not gonna fill a stadium. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I BLAME MEXICO. there were people on twitter saying things like "i am so ashamed of mexico". srsly bitch, march yourself off a cliff.

how is it mexico's fault that the ref cant make a good call?

so the panama players left the field bc they were so done with the ref. they held up the game for fifteen minutes.

and when guardado walked up to take the penalty, the commentator said, "if mexico has even a shred of decency and honor, they will purposefully miss this penalty to let panama dispute the final." uh no motherfucker. mexico will not do that bc they had nothing to do with that decision.

and to those people talking shit about my country, SHAME ON YOU. 

i am proud of my country. and i wont apologize because mexico didnt make those wrong calls, the ref did. the seleccion did their job.

the second penalty was legit and came out of a moment of exasperation from the panameños. 

and in the end, mexico won 2-1. 

the final will be mexico vs. jamaica. vela will miss the final for an accumulation of yellows. and that was unfair yellow too. AT MINUTE FUCKING THREE. a panama player pushed vela and so vela retaliated by elbowing him. and the ref only saw vela doing it, so he gave the yellow. but its unfair bc he was provoked. but whatever, we're in the final.

but seriously, there were mexican girls on twitter saying. "i am ashamed to be mexican after this. im supporting panama." okay bitch. pack ur shit and board a bus to panama bc no one will miss you in mexico. bye bitch.

if you say mexico cheated, i will curse you out.

the ref made those calls, blame them. not my boys.

-clary xx

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