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okay, so im not from new york. i have lived my entire life in california. but as an american, i know this is a day for the whole nation to remember all the innocent people who died on september 11th, 2001.


that was so long ago, yet the scars are still there. the whole country was marked by such a tragic event. it was an act of hatred, an act of violence against our country. and it was just horrible because something as terrible had not happened in america before then.

let me tell you what i was doing that day.

on september 11th, 2001, i was seven years old and in second grade. the attack on the towers happened around 9am eastern time. in los angeles, we go by pacific time, which is three hours behind eastern.

my mom would wake my sisters and i at around 5:50am (idek why. school didnt start until 7:45am and we lived four blocks away from the primary school). so we always watched the morning news. and i was changing into my clothes for the day when they started showing the images of the first tower with smoke coming out of it. i didnt know what was happening. but i thought it was here in LA and that school would be cancelled. but it wasnt.

i went to school like any other day, but everyone was watching and listening to the news. it was on tv all day: the twin towers had been attacked and thousands of people died.

back then i didnt think of it as much. i was a stupid seven year old.

but now, i really feel for those people. i have watched countless movies and documentaries. and my heart goes out to their families. especially the brave people from flight 93 who fought back against the terrorists and gave their lives to save others.

today is a day to remember everyone that died in 2001.

may their souls rest in peace.

-clary xx

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