first leg of liguilla

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so wednesday and thursday were the first leg of liguilla in liga mx. and i didn't get to watch all of them bc i had to work, but i know all of the results. im pretty sure i remember them quite well. but correct me if i'm wrong. second leg will be played on saturday and sunday.

CLASICO REGIO - rayados de monterrey dominated tigres in tigres home. the local team was defeated 3-1 i believe. and now they are pretty much eliminated. but who knows, anything can happen in football. i mean. they would have to score three in monterrey's home if they want to advance. three or four goals. FOR ONCE THE SUPER LIDER DID NOT CRUMBLE IN LIGUILLA. but there is still more of the tournament to go.

leon vs monarcas. i believe they ended up in a 1-1 draw. leon had it most of the game, but monarcas seemed to capitalize on an error from william yarbrough (he tends to screw up a lot since he joined the usmnt). this was in michoacan, so the second leg will be played in nou camp in guanajuato. a nil draw would favor leon because they scored one goal in estadio jose maria morelos, and thus the visiting goal weighs more than a home goal. morelia would more or less need to win to advance and i see it highly unlikely. but like i said, anything can happen in football.

pachuca vs santos. they also ended in a 1-1 draw. but i think pachuca started out winning. idk. i only got to watch the last ten minutes of the game. this draw favors pachuca because of the visiting goal, i believe the game was played in estadio corona. the second leg will be played in hidalgo, pachuca's home stadium. a nil draw would favor pachuca, and im not too sure, but i think a 1-1 draw would also favor them because of their position on the leader board. a draw with two or more goals would favor santos, or they can win and they would advance.

CLASICO MEXICANO. chivas vs america. everyone thought it was going to be the best match of the playoffs because come on. its a clasico. but to be honest, both teams seemed a bit afraid to move. america played too long on their end of the field. and chivas' attack lacked a little extra something (dammit why wont almeyda bench the fuck out of zaldivar already? he's a fucking tree). chivas had slightly more ball possession and more opportunities. but towards the end, america started to become rather lethal. then sambueza was red carded (not surprised). then zaldivar was red carded (but honestly i think it was an unfair red card. i honestly think it was paul's fault). i was relieved when zaldivar was carded tbh. he was doing nothing out there. he's a tree. might as well plant a tree on the field and call it chelo zaldivar. at least he wont get to play the second leg. the game ended in a nil draw, which i believe favors chivas because all they need to do is either win or draw with on1 or more goals. a win or a draw at zero goals would favor america. second leg will be played at estadio azteca on sunday.

the next post will be my last in this rant book which surprisingly took me nearly an entire year to finish. thank you for reading my lame little posts. and thank you for sharing things with me!

-clary xx

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