hector moreno & luke shaw

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let me just start by saying how disgusting some people's personalities are.


so on tuesday was psv vs man u for champions league (which psv won with a goal by mi morenito hermoso that broke the 1-1 draw). and there was a play in which moreno does a tackle on shaw and the guy is on the floor, gasping for air and stuff. i do agree that it was a harsh tackle, but here are many reasons as to why morenito shouldnt be getting all the hate he is getting on social media.

1. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. do you people know what an accident means? unintentional. like...moreno didnt wale up that morning WANTING to break someone's leg. it was a game, he was defending (BRILLIANTLY, i might add), and it just happened.

2. HE WENT FOR THE BALL. okay? again, yes, it was a harsh tackle. but moreno was trying to defend, which is his job. and he went for the ball, didnt totally forget about the ball like other players often do.

3. THE FACT THAT HE'S MEXICAN SHOULD BE OUT OF THE QUESTION. i saw many people on social media, who were man u fans, and they were calling him a "FILTHY WALL JUMPER" (fyi, moreno never crossed the border illegally & tbh i dont think coming to the usa even interests him so ur insult is invalid), and telling him to die. what the hell is wrong with you? first of all, who the fuck says something like that over a football game? chill the fuck out. SECOND, moreno is a fucking prince. just look at that smile, that face, those legs, those abs...DONT LIE, even the haters gotta admit moreno is a fine piece of mexican ass.

4. NO ONE WOULD HAVE MADE SUCH A BIG DEAL IF LUKE SHAW WASN'T WHITE OR IF MORENO HAD BEEN THE INJURED ONE. do you know how i know this? because at the 2014 world cup, robben injured moreno the same way and no one who wasn't mexican gave a flying fuck. moreno was lying on the ground in pain, and i remember seeing comments on twitter saying the injury was moreno's own fault. okay, so let me push you down a flight of stairs and then i'll say its ur own fault. i remember they brought a stretcher and stuff, and mi morenito tried to hobble off the field on his own, but he just fell back down. it was so tragic.

5. MORENO APOLOGIZED ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND HE WENT TO VISIT SHAW AT THE HOSPITAL. HECK, MORENO EVEN GOT HIM SOME GET WELL PRESENTS. he is so fucking sweet. my morenito felt really bad about it, even though it was a good tackle. did ROBBEN DO THAT WHEN HE BROKE MORENO'S LEG? no. he did not.

so people need to stop talking shit about my baby. he didn't do it on purpose, he apologized, and luke shaw probably already got over it. why cant you?

lets build a bridge and get over it.

if i see one more hate comment about mi morenito, im about to fucking slap some bitches.



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