twitter wars

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i've had my share of twitter wars over the past few years. one of the most memorable was when i had an indirects war with a girl who was texting my footballer boyfriend behind my back (that was where i got my inspiration to write 'catfished' and its sequel 'america'). but this one was different.

so one direction had a contest on twitter.

idk if you all heard about it. it was basically that each country had to tweet using a special hashtag for your country. i live in usa but i supported mexico bc latin america hardly gets anything when it comes to artists performing or doing something for these countries. usa is always the fortunate one that gets visits from everyone. so i tweeted all day with the hashtag #1DMX.

we were in the lead for TWENTY ONE HOURS. no one could knock us off the first place for most supportive fans.

and then suddenly russia was catching up with three hours to finish the contest. then out of nowhere the polish surpassed us. it was so fucking crazy. like i do not understand where all these polish girls suddenly came from. but we mexicans did not give up. 

it was a tough match, but we ended up surpassing them IN THE LAST TWO MINUTES. 

mexico ended up getting first place in the contest.

that meant we were the most supportive country on twitter for 1D. we were happy, on top of the world, celebrating.

but then world war three broke out on twitter.

polish girls were talking smack about mexicans. they said that we cheated (how tf can someone cheat? its a contest about tweeting using the hashtag. all u had to do was tweet more than us, poland, geez). they said we didn't deserve to win and that they were going to demand a rematch. oh, and let me mention that during those two hours in which they were number one and we were number two, they were tagging us and going onto our hashtag to make fun of us. 

they were the ones who started.

so then my twitter friends and i started responding to them, and they were getting so butthurt. yes, its not right to talk smack. and violence only generates more violence. but i also believe in defending one's self. and i'm not gonna let no mother fucker talk smack about me, and even less to talk smack about my country. who the fuck do they think they are?

and so there is a full blown twitter war against the polish girls going on right now. and it could have been avoided, had they accepted defeat graciously.

like honestly.

its just a dumb contest. and you are in the top ten, poland (the top ten will be getting special 1D emojis for their country).

why you gotta hate?

acting like mexico didn't deserve the first place spot. please, we were first place for twenty one hours STRAIGHT. i saw my fandom fight off the philippines (those girls were fast as fuck with their tweets) and russia (do not even get me started on russia. the speed that their tweets were being postes was terrifying) before poland swooped in and took the first place spot from us momentarily. they're on twitter acting like they held the first place spot for hours and we came in at the last second to take it from them.

all we did was to take back what we already had.

so yeah, it was an intense day.

-clary xx

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