confession #4

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confession #4 

oh my god guys. 

let me just come right out and say it. i have been watching the cartoon 'bob's burgers' every day for the past 2-3 weeks on netflix. and it has become my obsession. my favorite cartoon ever. its so funny and the characters are likeable and cute (like little louise with her bunny ears).

but that's just part one of my confession. this confession really has three parts to it.

part two is that for the past week i have stayed up until odd hours of the night...reading bob's burgers fanfiction. yeah, i know its strange, but its actually really good and really interesting. like some people ship characters that you would never even imagine would go together. like for example most people ship tina with jimmy jr. bc she has a huge crush on him and sometimes it seems like he likes her too. but then there were people on the fanfic website i explored that shipped tina with jimmy pesto (jimmy jr.'s dad - only in a scenario where tina is an adult bc in the cartoon she's a thirteen year old). 

and then there was the ship that stole my heart. 


so there was an episode where a high school kid named logan steals louise's bunny ears hat and refuses to give it back. the whole episode, the nine year old girl tries to steal her hat back from him until she goes to a biker gang and they threaten to cut off logan's ears if he doesn't return the hat. when i saw the episode, i didn't ship them, like any normal person. bc come on. who ships a 16/17 year old with a 9 year old?

then he appears in another episode where linda (louise's mom) takes louise to a mother-daughter retreat to fix their relationship because she thinks louise doesn't like her. logan is dragged to the same retreat by his mum after he called her a bitch. and apparently there were no mother-son retreats that week, so she took him to the mother daughter one. 

in the episode, louise refuses to participate in the mother-daughter activities so her mother has to pay her to do them. eventually she gets into a fight with her mom and completely refuses to participate, even with bribery. logan refuses as well and the retreat coordinator locks them both in a room called the 'uter-room' where he has the movie 'freaky friday' playing in a loop. louise wants to get out of there, but logan sits down to watch the movie.

she finally convinces him that they need to get out of there so they fake having stomach aches and cry for their moms. when their moms come to the rescue, they lock all the parents in the uter room and go next door to play laser tag with the other daughters.

that was where people started shipping them.

and honestly, i did too.

but before this gets any stranger. the only universe in which i ship them romantically is a universe in which she is eighteen years old, and he would be around twenty five or twenty six. kinda like that new univision novela where the gardener's daughter falls in love with that handsome blonde doctor. she's nineteen and they haven't said his age yet, but they mentioned that he was in his mid twenties. so im going with twenty five.

ONLY THEN i would ship them.

anyway, part three of my confession is that i want to write a louigan fanfic sosososososo badly. now that i think of it...its not so strange. people write fanfics about anime (i used to). i am going to embrace my love for bob's burgers and fuck it im gonna write that fanfic as soon as i get one of my current ones out of the way.

embrace what you love people. i was a bit ashamed of admitting this. but now that i talked it out here in my little rant book, it doesn't feel so awkward.

my confession about liking older guys was probably more awk than this. haha

thank you for reading. 

madrid won, barcelona lost. my little blaugranas....

have a great weekend!

-clary xx

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