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so apparently today or yesterday, i cant remember when, two white guys beat up a hispanic homeless person, AND PEED ON HIM. and this behavior, was apparently inspired by donald trump's words against mexicans.

when i heard about this, i didn't know whether to cry or go on a killing spree.

like wtf.


why would you beat up a person who did nothing to you? a person so unfortunate that they don't even have a home. but some people have to be disgusting pigs. 

that poor homeless person.

i feel so bad for them.

this is why we can't make any damn progress. because there are racist shit pigs out there who attack minorities. so...when a hispanic attacks a white person, its this huge crime that will either get you arrested or killed. but two white men attack an innocent homeless person and literally there was no big media coverage on it. i just saw it mentioned ONCE.

when that white woman was killed in san francisco, it was ALL OVER THE NEWS.

its unfair. 

last time i checked, the declaration of independence had the following words in it: we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

well shit, nigga. im not feeling the equality rn.

donald trump is saying "make america great again." but what he really means is "make america white again". 

i swear this motherfucker is getting on my nerves. 

i cannot stand him.

i feel so fucking annoyed whenever i see him.

and it makes me sad because he actually has a lot of supporters. people actually like what he's saying. how can you possibly support a man who's running on a basis of sparking hatred. 

that's like hitler and the jews.

he blamed them for things that weren't their fault. and people needed someone to blame because they didn't want to take responsibility for their own problems. this is exaclty the strategy that trump is using. he is scapegoating the mexicans, making america think they're at fault for the problems in the country.

please people.

so, if a tornado destroys your house, that's the mexicans' fault?

if a tsunami hits, its the mexicans' fault?

if your house gets robbed, its the mexicans' fault?

if you get stabbed in a hold up, its the mexicans' fault?

if you leave your christmas lights on at night and your house catches fire, its the mexicans' fault?

if you get into a car accident, its the mexicans' fault?

no, fuck you donald trump.

and it just pisses me off more, the fact that its all he has to say. "mexico this..." or "mexicans that..." constantly mentioning us, talking about us.

i think the real issue is that he's jealous he ain't us. lol

jk. i think he just doesn't know what else to talk about because he knows nothing about politics. all he knows how to do is bitch and yell about how mexicans are terrible people. lets see how far that gets you, trump.

i seriously just want to yank his fucking toupee off.

and then the motherfucker whines about how he's being 'attacked'. bitch, you're the only one attacking people. shut the fuck up.

im so fucking angry.

-clary xx

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