unpopular opinion #2

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unpopular opinion numero dos - ahi les va otra, ya que estoy en especial. jajaja.

i don't find manuel neuer attractive.

like...at all.

i tried to force myself to find him attractive after the world cup in brazil because a bunch of my friends on here were fangirling over him and flipping over him, i really did. but it did not work, hard as i tried. and that is considering i have a weakness for blonde men with blue eyes, so i don't understand why i do not find the man attractive.

something about his face doesn't convince me.

every time i see girls talking about how good looking he supposedly is, i think: 

...why? or how?

he's a hell of a good goal keeper, world champion, and plays for one of the best clubs in the world, and i totally respect him as a player. bayern and germany are two of my favorite teams of ALL TIME. but i dont find him attractive at all.

but that's the beauty of football. i dont have to find him attractive. 

when i DO find a footballer attractive, its a bonus. but its not a must. 

so that is my second unpopular opinion. let me know if you agree, disagree, whatever you think about this post. 

-clary xx

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