bars and drinks

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last night i went drinking with my university friends.

we have been working hard at our summer jobs since about june, and this is our last week, so we thought we would make the best of it. so it was me and four other friends. we took an uber car into the city, where my friend said there was this good bar.

she's half norwegian and and half mexican. so idk why, i thought she was gonna take us to some norwegian place or whatever.


and it looked so much like mexico on the inside, i felt like i was genuinely in mexico. there were posters on the walls advertising mexican beer, they sold authentic mexican tacos, and the place felt like we were down by the beach. so yeah, most of us were mexican 3/5. the other two was the norwegian mexican and a korean girl. 

so we got there at 10pm and this guy checked our IDs at the door, bc in usa you have to be 21 or older to drink. sad life. in mexico you can drink when you are eighteen and older.

and we found a nice table.

we ordered our drinks. my friend and i ordered a peach margarita to share bc it was our first time having one y no nos queriamos poner bien pedas. that shit was HUGE. my two other friends also ordered a peach one to share. and the norwegian mexican ordered a coconut margarita for herself. she apparently has experience with that sort of thing. last week, she told us, she was in vegas and she was partying and drinking for three days straight.

we ate chips and authentic mexican salsa. 

and then we just talked. 

my suite mate though.

she was the korean girl. 

we share a bathroom in the dorms. so its my room, then the bathroom, then her room. and before we got on the uber car at the university, she asked me, "were you in your room last night?"

and i was like, "no, why?"  since its the last week of our summer job, i went home to take some of my things from my dorm.

she didn't tell me until she had a few drinks in her.

at the bar she confessed that she had gone on a date with this white guy; tall, blonde, blue eyes, handsome af. she showed me a picture.

and then she told me that she snuck (at my university, no boys are allowed past midnight, and they are not allowed in the dorms at all) him into her dorm at night and they had sex. 

since the walls in the dorms are paper thin, she thought i was going to be freaking out bc i would be able to hear everything. and so she was giving us the dirty details which i wont talk about on here because yeah. and its her personal business that she shared with us, and i dont want to expose my friend like that.

but yeah. then norway-mexico was telling us about her sex life and i was just sitting there like: i write fanfics on wattpad, i have no sex life. haha.

the only thing that bummed us out was that the bar closed at midnight. 

we wanted to stay out until 2am, which is when university curfew is and they close the gates. 

but nooo.

tonight is pizza and beer though, and i'm very excited for that.


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