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seleccion mexicana top ten goals

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since im bored, have nothing else to do, and spent about the past hour watching seleccion mexicana videos, i thought this would be a good idea. so i'm going to post the top ten goals of the seleccion mexicana (in my opinion). i would also like to know what you all think, and whether you all agree with some of my choices or not. i would also like it if you all posted something with your favorite goals (doesn't have to be seleccion mexicana. it can be any team), and i will tag you all. tag me if you do this, i want to read it.

without further ado. this is my top ten.

10. jared borgetti vs italy (world cup 2002 group stage match).

this goal, by our current top scorer OF ALL TIME made it into my top ten because it was such a beautiful goal. also, because this was mexico...the underdog, managing the draw against a football giant like italy (was). and if you watch clips of this, it was such a great goal that buffon didn't even see it coming. 

he just kind of stands there watching the ball pass them.

we almost beat them. 

*honorable mention* - julio gomez vs germany u17 (world cup u17 semi final 2011).

i watched every single match of this world cup, and i remember all the mexico matches by heart. i even got that special edition 'futbol total' magazine about the u17 world cup. it had all the info about el mini tri and i was fangirling over them so hard that summer.

this goal has an honorable mention because this was not the senior team, but it was a great goal. 

we were up against GERMANY in the semi final. it was such a suspenseful back and forth match, but julio gomez became the hero of the match when he scored that bicycle kick goal and got us into the final. we later went on to becoming the world champions, FOR A SECOND TIME, and also becoming THE ONLY U17 COUNTRY THAT HAS BEEN CROWNED CHAMPION IN THEIR OWN HOME. the pride in my heart is real.

i think this goal meant a lot to us because this was germany. you always want to defeat national teams like them, or brazil. also, because it was the goal that made us all dream that we could be world champions for a second time. lastly, it meant so much because at one point during this game, we were losing, and then we were able to turn things around in our favor.

9. carlos vela vs netherlands (revenge match 2014).

this goal made it into my top ten because it was the return of the king. vela was the prodigal son that left us for several years and then returned home. also, it was because of him that we were able to play that game and show the world that we had the ability to defeat the netherlands.

8. raul jimenez vs panama (qualifying match for brazil 2014).

i think this one only made it onto my top ten because it was a bicycle kick goal, and it was beautiful af. with that precise pass from my little maple tree of doom, jimenez was able to get us back in the game. that was around the time that the mexican national team was in a dark era, and almost did not qualify to the 2014 world cup.

7. cuauhtemoc blanco vs brazil (confederations cup final 1999).

this is a great one.

this was the confederations cup final, in mexico. that year, mexico became the FIRST COUNTRY TO WIN THE CONFEDERATIONS CUP AT HOME. no other national team was able to achieve that feat until brazil did it in 2013. but mexico was the first.

i really liked this one because it really consolidated our win. and then the way cuauh danced el jarabe tapatio (or as gringos call it: the mexican hat dance) was the best thing ever. 

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