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2015 CONCACAF awards

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there is such a thing as the 2015 CONCACAF awards. 

i love it because we can all go on there and vote for our favorite footballer in every category like defenders, midfielders, forwards, best goal, and all that. you can all go vote for your CONCACAF faves by typing '2015 CONCACAF awards' in your preferred search engine and it should be the first link. i would post the link on here, but you cant click it. i already went ahead and voted on the categories. but i also have a few complaints about it. so here i go.

complaint number one. TOO MANY MEXICANS WERE NOMINATED, now hear me out on why its a bad thing. i mean, i love the fact that we had like three guys nominated in one category, and all that.

but i think its a bad idea because for example there is a category where i think chicha, paul aguilar and teca are nominated. and another where paul and morenito are nominated. and another where chicha, teca, and oribe are nominated. i dont remember exactly, so dont hold me to this. but i mean that its not a good thing because then the voting will be super divided, and thus it will be very difficult for a mexican to actually win. i wouldn't be surprised if this strategy was devised by CONCACAF so that the usa will win each category instead of mexico. 

as opposed to usa where they only have like one guy nominated per category, so then ALL their fans will vote for that one american guy and voting will be unanimous for the american. but for mexico, there will be people who will vote for chicha, then there are people who will vote for teca in the same category because they like him better.

do you see the problem?

that is why i think it was bad to have two or more mexicans in one category.

two. the other concacaf nations are like not even represented as well. like i said, i love the fact that mexico as a nation is getting more attention because i believe we deserve it. 2015 was a great year for us as a national team. but come on. my other latin american and carribean brothers and sisters deserve the same amount of love.

lets include them more.

but yeah. that was it for my rant on the CONCACAF awards. i dont know when voting closes, so go vote as soon as possible. vote for the homies if you're mexican and tell your friends to vote too. we need everyone to vote so we can even out the score.

if possible, vote for the more popular mexican player (mostly chicha) bc they are more likely to win. and i think you can vote more than once, so if you want to, go ahead and do that.

and for the women, the americans are bigger in numbers. i voted for mexican women mostly because they need some encouragement.

thank you for reading.

-clary xx

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