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maldita lisiada

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thank god i found it with english subtitles for you all to see itati cantoral and her brilliant acting. she is a goddess i swear.

anyway, this post is called maldita lisiada, or fucking cripple  in english.

and this is from a soap opera, from mexico from around 1994-95, which was around the time yours truly was born. my mum used to watch it, she was about 24 when it came out and they had a re-run about ten years ago and i watched it too. i remember i used to get so excited. it was on monday through friday at 4pm.

itati cantoral plays a woman named soraya montenegro. and the story goes that soraya was engaged to a handsome, rich and powerful young man named luis fernando ( portrayed by the bae, fernando colunga ). but then suddenly luis fernando falls in love with maria la del barrio ( <--- the name of the novela. maria was portrayed by thalia, idk why they hired her. she was a terrible actress ), and so he breaks off his engagement with soraya to marry maria. and soraya vows she will get revenge on maria and luis fernando.

then i forgot what happens and maria falls into this deep depression and she accidentally leaves her son with some woman and doesnt come back. she didn't know what she was doing. the woman takes the boy, named fernando, and raises him as her own, fondly referring to him as nandito.

other shit happens and several years later (about fifteen) maria and luis fernando find nandito and take him to live with them in their nice mansion. but SORAYA FINDS OUT THEY had a son and thinks that the best way to get revenge on them is to seduce nandito. so that's exactly what she does, but the crazy bitch ends up falling in love with him.

at the same time, nandito starts falling in love with soraya's step-daughter named alicia. in the fifteen years that soraya was plotting, she married a rich guy for his money, and when he died, he put in his will that soraya could only have his fortune as long as alicia were by her side.

okay so nandito one day is at soraya's house for a party and goes to see alicia. and he realizes he is in love with her. and he asks if he can kiss her. alicia says yes, and that's when the whole scene unfolds. watch the video above. i swear its so dramatic. i died the first time i watched it, but now i just laugh about it.

the video is twenty yeaars old and us mexicans, and im sure other latinamericans have made various memes about this.

there is the famous.

*gasps in spanish*

*cries in spanish*

*glares in spanish*

*kills you in spanish*

among other memes of the immortal soraya montenegro. and recently, SPAIN JUST DISCOVERED THIS VID AND ARE MAKING VIDEO REACTIONS ON YOUTUBE. to that i say, sorry spain. you're a bit late. about twenty years too late.

i watched three reaction videos, all by youtubers in spain.

and they were making all these comments when they didn't even know what the series was about, didn't understand the plot. and they were saying things like, "why does she go from devastated to angry in like two seconds?" soraya is emotionally disturbed. and she wanted revenge, but fell in love with nandito. so yeah, i understand her reactions.

and a lot of them were saying soraya was nandito's mum.


nandito was the son of maria and luis fernando.

before making a reaction video, learn a bit about the plot and the characters in order to accurately understand the scene and what it happening in it.

but yeah.



-clary xx

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