jared borgetti

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let us all celebrate because there is yet another glorious day for mexican football.

today, forty-two years ago, a certain man jared borgetti was born. im sure his parents knew he would become a football god, but this man made history. 

he is the current leading top scorer for mexico, second place is chicha dios. jared cannot improve his record, since he has long retired from mexico nt as well as football. he currently works for espn. and he is such a nice guy. never met him, but i've watched vids.

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED, also known as el zorro del desierto. the desert fox.

you're a crack!

your name is badass too. jared borgetti, it rolls of the tongue quite nicely.

an idol like you is worthy of being admired. though i don't remember you very much in mexico nt, i have heard about you and watched videos. you are a mother fucking badass. 

get yourself laid tonight, eat some cake, drink a few chelas...this day is yours, my friend.

-clary xx

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