fiesta country

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so i told you guys that i was going to an amusement park today. and there was a section of the park labeled 'fiesta country' and it was a mexican themed, stereotypical mexican stuff everywhere.

there was a churro place, taco stands everywhere, and the rides had mexican themes. my friend and i went on a ride called 'hat dance' and im guessing it was inspired on el jarabe tapatio. and its also basically a copy of disneyland's alice in wonderland tea cups ride. they also had a ride called jaguar and it was inspired off the aztecs. then they had some spinning swings thing and it had mexican paintings decorating it.

i was a bit offended, but at the same time i liked that they were adding a bit of our culture to the theme park.

offended bc white people in this country (usa) always complain and whine about immigrants. they tell us to get out of here. they mistreat us. but look how quick they are to take our culture and use it for our entertainment. they dont have a problem eating tacos and wearing mexican hats. but when we do it, they call us beaners. wetbacks. illegals. aliens. when is a human being ever an alien? when is that ever okay?

and it reminded me of something i saw on tumblr.

some white girl was using mexican zarapes and selling them as scarves and headbands. like...she was making a profit out of our culture and using it for her own selfish benefit.

she had no right to do that.

thats just like when white girls wear native head dresses at coachella. like please, stop. that isn't your culture and you don't have the right.

like...i can wear an aztec head dress if i want to bc i can. im mexican and thus have a partial bit of aztec blood in my veins. i descended from brave warriors. im sorry you didn't. but in light of that, you cannot wear a head dress. i dont know who you think you're fooling, but you aren't honoring anyone.

disneyland also has a mexican themes section in their california adventure park.

its funny because the minorities cant win. if mexicans act like mexicans, we're uneducated and poor and we need to go back to mexico if we love it so much. but white people can eat tacos, wear zarapes as scarves, and wear head dresses.

just want to make it clear that i dont hate white people. im just pretty upset at the discrimination that still exists in the united states. i thought we were the land of the free, the home of the brave.

but recently i came to realize this country is actually the land of the oppressed and the home of the cowardly.

-clary xx

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