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the music tag

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so i was tagged in the music tag by my darling ari foreverpique, so here i go. basically, you play your thing on shuffle, and like talk about the first fifteen songs that come up. so you say why you like it and why its in your playlist or something of the sort. NO SKIPPING. let me begin then.

1. ansiedad - la rondalla de saltillo. this is my fucking jam. i love them because their songs are so sweet and full of meaning. this one is about the anxiety that he feels because he is no longer with her. and he wonders if she ever feels the same. this song inspired my carlos fierro fic called 'anxiety'. its such a lovely aong. i highly recommend it.

2. a donde vamos a parar? - marco antonio solis. i swear this man is the fucking god of music. the majority of his songs are awesome. this song particularly is from the soap opera 'teresa' and its about a couple who is always fighting and they are both too prideful to say sorry. but then this guy tells her 'where will we end up, acting this way?' he says that they should just put all fighting aside and love each other. i love the song because it reminds me of aaron diaz playing bae ass mariano in the novela. teresa was such a bitch to him, and i shipped them so badly. i was angry af when she picked el licenciado de la barrera. great song. highly recommend it as well, that's why its in my playlist. no shit.

3. i wanna hold your hand - the beatles. THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME. i love the beatles. i have a huge crush on paul and ringo, lucky me they are both still alive. this song is so damn cute because he just wants to hold her hand. and when he touches her he feels happy inside. one of my all time favorites. tv carpio does an amazing cover in the musical film 'across the universe' which happens to be my favorite movie of all time. highly recommended.

4. ginza - j balvin. i honestly don't like his music very much. i only like this one because its catchy as fuck. and i think j balvin is cute as fuck. so there. 

5. el mariachi loco - mariachi vargas de tecalitlan. this is a mexican classic. if you're mexican and you dont like mariachi music...shame on you. i really like this song because the lyrics are funny and its meant to be comical. i mean, he's a crazy mariachi and he wants to dance. what is better than that?

6. la malagueña - chingon. this is also a classic traditional MEXICAN mariachi song. but i really like the cover by a band named chingon. its the same mariachi/mexican beat mixed with the cool electric guitar. and its a song about a beautiful woman from malaga (some people say its about a woman from malaga, spain. other's argue that since it was written by a mexican, the song must be about a woman from malaga, a little town in durango, mexico) and this guy really likes her, but she wont go out with him because he's poor. and he says she's right, HE IS POOR. but he offers her his heart. aww. im currently working on a memo ochoa (or topo valenzuela) fic about this song. so im very excited about that.

7. dejenme si estoy llorando - los angeles negros. this song is so badass. it basically says, 'leave me if im crying, i dont want any comfort, i want to be alone with my pain'. he is basically suffering because she left him. i love this song a lot too because someone on youtube made this great video about the clasico tapatio (chivas vs atlas), where chivas defeated atlas 4-0 (or 4-1 i cant remember) and the atlas fans were crying. it was pretty funny.

8. el noa noa - juan gabriel. just a song about a night club called el noa noa where you can dance and have fun all night. its quite catchy.

9. lamento boliviano - los enanitos verdes. i honestly dont even know what this song is about because it has the strangest lyrics ever. but my favorite line is 'soy como un lamento, lamento boliviano' cause every time mexico plays against bolivia, i remember this song. and there is usually lamento boliviano because they normally lose against mexico. its a great song.

10. y las mariposas - joan sebastian. this song is basically about a boy and a girl. he was seventeen, she was fifteen, and they got it on. my guess is that he knocked her up and they had to get married, and the song talks about how life changes. and how the butterflies went from flower to flower and that was how they first found out what love was. every time i listen to this song i remember my mom told me that this song came out when she was a child, and there is a line where he sings that the sun came down first, then a pair of cowbow jeans (his), and lastly a uniform skirt (hers). and my mum, being an innocent child, thought they were hanging laundry. lol

11. voy a pistear - los recoditos. first of all, yes i like los recoditos. for some reason, they remind me of my bae paul nicolas aguilar rojas. this song is about getting drunk until he forgets that she betrayed him and broke his heart. its catchy as hell.

12. la cancion del mariachi - antonio banderas & los lobos. this is from the 'mexico trilogy' in which antonio banderas plays a character known as 'el mariachi'. i love this song, the lyrics are just so cute. they say 'ay ay ay ay, ay ay mi amor. ay mi morena de mi corazon'. translation: ay ay ay ay, ay ay my love. ay my tan one of my heart. it sounds cuter in spanish. everything does, lol. 

13. corro, vuelo, me acelero - timbiriche. this is by a band my mum used to like when she was young. paulina rubio, thalia, eduardo capetillo, and others were in it. but those three were the most famous. the song is basically about a girl who jumps out of bed in the morning. she runs, flies, accelerates just to get to school so she can see him quicker. such a cute song about teenage crushes. one of my all time favorites.

14. sueña dulce nena - los apson. this is the spanish version to 'sweet dreams baby'. this cover is from the nineteen sixties, and it is just so beautiful and catchy. the lyrics are basically repeated. he tells her to dream sweet dreams, and then he says he hopes she dreams about him. 

15. el son de la negra - mariachi vargas de tecalitlan. this is also one of my all time favorites because i have always had a special love and connection with mariachi music. my mother's father was a mariachi back in mexico, and i think that is where my love for music and my slight knack for it came about. this song is about his negra and how much he loves her. he says that she should tell everyone 'yes' just like she did with him and that's why he's been upset. but just the way the instruments come together to make that beautiful melody. i really wish one day someone will sing el son de la negra for me. i want to be someone's negra. 

so there it is. fifteen songs on my playlist, without skipping. its funny because just today, i deleted a bunch of songs i dont listen to from my playlist. otherwise i would have cheated and skipped a bunch of songs. no shame. anyway, i tag campeonisimoladamadelamuerteJazzmynOraMaddieHdzhoziersChicharitoismybabesara09221234VfLWolfsburg, paulodybalasergioagueromyking, and everyone who is reading this!

-clary xx

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