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on sunday when i went to knott's with my friend (this is an amusement park), we stopped at a souvenir shop and i bought a key chain. then i thought: why do i have so many damn keychains? i only use like two of them. but then i realized its not even about collecting the keychains. its about what each of them means to me. and i have quite a few. so let me go down the list, and talk a bit about my small collecion. i have lost a few of them over the years. but thats okay. i may find them eventually. so lets begin.

1. minnie mouse. this is the oldest one i have at the moment, and it dates back to around 2007 when i would go to disneyland for my birthday EVERY FUCKING YEAR. that is not even an exaggeration. and i LOVED it. i got this keychain at a little shop in Tomorrow Land. and i thought it was pretty cool bc it wasn't futuristic looking like most things there. it was a simple yellow minnie mouse hat, chain linked to a minnie polka dot skirt, chain linked to a white minnie mouse glove. my mom bought it for me as a souvenir bc it was cheap and she would already spend hundreds getting us into disneyland (the tickets are expensive), so she would only let us get the cheapest little trinkets to remember the trip. but its the thought that counts and i really appreciated the gift.

2. loyola marymount university. when i was in eighth grade (around 2008), i was in a college bound program so we went on a bunch of university field trips. the one i remember liking the most was loyola marymount. it was catholic and private and it just called my attention because im catholic. at the gift shop i picked up a pink keychain shaped like a t shirt with the university name on it. i used it on every set of keys i've had until today because its all dirty and ugly now. but it was my favorite back then when it was my dream to attend loyola. i didn't even end up going to thaat school because it was too damn expensive.

3. selección clete. my mom had gotten me this super cute yellow converse shoe keychain one time and i put it on my back pack. i was in ninth grade back then. i was so upset when we went on the last day picnic someone snatched it while i was in the bathroom. i had left my bag on a picnic table with my other friends' things and when we returned my little shoe keychain was gone. assholes. so that weekend my mom took me to the store where she got it to get me a new one and THEY HAD NO MORE. they only had little football cletes with the mexico flag pn them. they were red and white. and my mom asked me if i wanted that one or if i wanted to wait for them to bring more converse shoes. i took the mexico shoe. i loved it.

4. the T keychain. when i was in tenth grade my favorite cousin luis visited from san francisco. he would always take my other cousins and i to the movies and all kinds of fun places because he was about twenty three back then. i was about fifteen. one time we went downtown because they open little shops on the weekends, and we went to this shop that sold keychains. he told us to grab whichever one we wanted and i grabbed a letter T which was the first letter of my second name. that keychain means so much to me because my favorite male cousin got ir for me.

5. the i love jesus keychain. when i used to go to church alot, my mom got me this keychain. its shaped like a key and it has the words 'i love jesus' on it. i still love jesus, he is my main man. and by jesus i totally mean the son of god, not some random guy named jesus.

6. the cross keychain. that same year my mom got me a keychain of jesus on the cross. i really like religious keychains, they look badass okay.

7. hello kitty keychain. this one was like fice dollars for a cheap plastic hello kitty keychain with mints inside it. i begged my parents for it, even though i was a full grown sixteen year old. now i think its a totally stupid keychain but i keep it around because my parents spent a lot of money on it, way more than it was worth at least.

8. the guatemala keychain. this one is one of the very special ones. so all through high school i had three really really close friends: jaz, yadhira, and andy. jaz and yadhi were mexican like me, but andy was guatemalan. so over the summer of eleventh, going into twelfth year, he went to guatemala for the summer. when he came back, he brought us all little presents. he got them some candy, but he got me a keychain shaped like a key with a bunch of symbols native to guatemala bc he knew how much i was into keychains as well as history. to this day i still find that keychain very special to me.

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