mexico sub22 pt. ii

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this is part two of my experience at the preolympic games which were at stubhub center in carson. the dates were october 2nd and 4th, i went to both games. the third will be in denver, i have no fucking idea why they didnt host all three games at stubhub. but whatever.

to start off, my seats werent as great as friday's seats. on friday we got second row right next to the tunnel. yesterday we got fourth row seats behind the net. 

but still good seats. 

honduras played first against costa rica. i watched it and supported the ticos. but honduras played better and won in the end. still, i wasnt talking smack about honduras. but the honduras fans...their bitter asses stayed behind to watch the mexico game, ONLY TO BOO at them and insult the players. its was awful and rude. 

and where i sat, there were a lot of honduras fans. they were so annoying.

they kept yelling  "NO ERA PENAL" and then they would laugh.

they kept saying all the wrong stereotypes about us too. like, they called out laura bozzo, and yelled "QUE PASE EL DESGRACIADO". like nigga please, laura bozzo is preuvian, not mexican. if youre gonna insult us, at least get your shit straight.

and each time one of the players would get close enough, they would yell "PUTO". and each time Gibran would take a goal kick, they would have a pitiful attempt at yelling "EEEH PUTO " at him. they literally were just there to hate on mexico. fucking annoying and disgusting. like seriously, what do you win out of all this, honduras? you just make yourself look sad and bitter. and them some annoying honduran woman told some LITTLE BOYS to shut up after we all yelled "EEEH PUTO" at the haiti gk.

the little boys' mom was so on point tho. she said, "dont talk to them like that." and they got into a small argument.

in the end, mexico won. 

and the honduras fans were yelling angrily saying that mexico cheated. 

but we all started singing cielito lindo after the goal bc the honduras fans kept bitching at our boys. 

we were way louder than them.

but how sad is it to waste your time staying at a game just to boo at a team? i hate jordan morris from usmnt but i dont go to the games to boo the guy. i can boo him for free at my house.

and so the honduras games started leaving a couple of minutes before the game ended, and the mexican fans were shouting, "YA SE VAN LOS PUTOS". and "SE QUEDARON  A VER A PAPA GANAR". and it was just nice to see them leave bc damn, they are so hateful. like chill the fuck out bitch. just bc mexico plays better football than you. there are other things you can be good at.

so mexico vs honduras tomorrow. mexico better win to show those motherfuckers who is the boss of concacaf.

enough about haters.

after the game, most of the players raced off the field. the haiti ones were crying, i felt so bad for them. and from mexico, only gudino, cubo, and dedos stayed behind to sign autographs. 


everyone was yelling "CUBOCUBOCUBOOOO".

and he smiled and said, "wait a moment, i'm going to start on that side and come around this way". so we nodded and waited for him. eventually he got to my side and i was like, "cubo can you sign my flag?" the conv was in spanish obviously.

and he smiled at me! and he said "sure. can you just hold it stretched out so it will come out nice?" and of course i did what he said and then i thanked him and he moved on. then i moved out of the way so that others could get to him bc i know how much i wanted that opportunity on friday when ppl wouldnt let me by.

when i got home i posted the video of dedos scoring and cubo signing stuff on twitter. and BOTH DEDOS AND CUBO FAVED MY TWEETS. i had a heart attack.

this weekend was the best one of my life.

i am so happy.

like i said, i have been having mad luck at football games ^.^ haha

-clary xx

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