mormon boys

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guys, a group of mormon boys came to my house. 

AND THE RUDE ASS mofos opened the gate and barged into my family's property like they owned the damn place. and they knocked on the back door. 

so i went and i was like 

"excuse me, you cant just come in here."

and it was a white boy, a hispanic, and an asian. you know how it is in religion these days, getting all diverse to attract all the ethnicities. and so the white boy was like "im sorry, we didnt mean to barge in." 

well bitch, if you didnt mean to barge in, then why did you?

and i was like "you have no right to show up at my house like that."

so he apologized again and said that my dad had agreed to meet up today so that they could preach to us as a family. and i know my dad. he is catholic and doesnt even go to catholic church. you think he's just willy nilly gonna agree to your religion?

and i was like "dude my dad isnt into religion."

and he said "what about you?"

and dude i sure as fuck dont want to be mormon (sorry mormon people. born catholic, die catholic). i told him, "im catholic."

he said that was good.

bottom line is they tried to get me to open the door, but fuck that. i watch the murder channel enough to know that when you're home alone (okay, my older sister was home too, but still) you ain't supposed to open the door to ANYBODY. 

eventually they left and my dad called me like two minutes later.

apparently his friend who lives across the street called him and told him a bunch of boys got in the house. my dad thought they were gangsters to he rushed home. 

i told him they were just mormon boys.

but damn. 

nobody respects personal boundaries these days.

next thing you know they'll be back and they'll be barging into my livingroom to talk about being part of the church of latter day saints. 

no thank you.

my soul is not on the market.


-clary xx

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