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some of you might know, or possibly not that i sing in a choir and we always have a winter concert and a spring concert. its really nice usually because there's a lot of people and for the winter one we sing carols of the season. today is our winter concert actually.

and we each get five free tickets for loved ones. 

im really sad because no one that i care about is going. 

my sisters and my best friend normally are the ones that go. my dad isn't into classical music, and god forbid he'll have tp suck it up for two hours as a favor to his daughter.

my mom used to go but she stopped going when she was recruited by the messengers of god. so now she would rather go and pray the rosary with them than to go with me to my concert. which is sad really because she can pray any day. i only have a concert once per semester, but she does not give a flying fuck.

my older sister wanted to come, but she doesn't know how to drive and no one will probably bring her.

my younger sister and her husband normally come every semester, except they couldn't go to my spring semester one of freshman year because she was at her high school prom. but besides that she doesn't miss my concerts. 

she was going to come but she got called in for work which fucking sucks because they didn't call her all week and what are the odds that they would call today?

my best friend has been to like two of my concerts.

but she joined the marines and left to a three month boot camp in north carolina on monday.

thus im fucked.

i really dont feel motivated.

i feel like shit.

and im going to go buy dinner before we have our final practice.

thank you all for reading my stupid little rant. i rarely ever rant on here anymore, and i should probably do it more because it helps me relax.

-clary xx

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