somos más americanos

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so this is a song from my dad's favorite band and many of you might know it. but i love this song so much that it brings tears to my eyes. it is so on point, and i want to share it with you. some of you may have already heard it. my dad used to play it a lot when i was a kid, but i never cared about the meaning of it. now i understand how important the lyrics are. it is obviously in spanish, but i have taken the liberty of translating it so everyone can understand it.

"they have yelled at me a thousand
times to return to my own land
because i don't fit here.
i want to remind the white man:
i did not cross the border,
the border crossed me.

america was born free,
man was the one who divided her.
they painted the line
so that i could cross it
and they call me an intruder
this is an error
THEY took EIGHT STATES from us
and they call US intruders
i'm an outsider in MY LAND
and im not here to start a war

im a hardworking man 

and if history doesn't lie
this is where the powerful nation
was accented in its glory
between brave warriors
and indians of two continents 
were mixed with the spanish
and if you want to count the centuries:
we are more american,
we are more american than the 
son of an anglo

they "bought" without money
the waters of the rio bravo.
and they took texas, new mexico, arizona and colorado.
california was taken too,
nevada and utah weren't enough for them.
wyoming was another they took.
im the blood of the indian,
im latino, im a mestizo,
we are of all the colors and work all kinds of jobs,

and if we count the centuries,
even if it hurts our neighbor (usa),
we are more american than ALL THE GRINGOS.

during the latin grammys, mana sang this song with tigres del norte and it made me cry like a baby. the song already makes me emotional, but their performance was amazing. so at the end they started chanting "SOMOS MAS!" and the crowd got into it, and that means basically "we are more" or "there are more of us" and i think they are really trying to get people to realize that we need to band together as latinos against racism. we need to stop being afraid because we are the minority. there are more of us now, there are plenty and we can demand to be heard. 

so at the end they also hold up a banner that says "LATINOS UNIDOS NO VOTEN POR LOS RACISTAS" which translates to "united latinos don't vote for racists" and it was aimed at donald trump because we all know he is a racist mother fucker.

if you're old enough to vote, make an informed decision and please, dont vote for trump. he only promotes racism and hate. and its not only against hispanics, even though mexicans have been his biggest target, he hates all minorities. he is racist and a bad guy. lets prevent another hitler on our hands. i sincerely hope he doesn't become president, but if he does, i swear that i will move to mexico bc im certain he is capable of starting a mexican holocaust.

above i will post the video so you all can watch if you want. its a touching performance.

and to my hispanic/latina friends on here, dont ever let anyone tell you you are not american (if you live in usa). you are just as american as them, if not more. especially if you're mexican bc THEY TOOK THIS LAND FROM US.

-clary xx 

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