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so my choir and i went on tour this weekend and it was THE BEST. i swear i never wanted it to end, just everything about it was so much fun. and now im super sad that its over because i got to bond with a lot of people that i never really talked to before. and some people (my room mates mostly) and i became super close over these four days.

here is how it went down.


we had to be at school at eleven to get one final rehearsal in before heading to tour. so we had practice and everyone was super tired bc it had been finals week. at mid day our tour bus arrived and it was black and stu[er stylish and our driver was a sweetheart. he was a middle aged man named pedro. 

anyway, our first stop was a high school in ventura where we gave a small christmas concert. we arrived around one and gave our concert at two.

then they invited us for cupcakes and hot chocolate after. 

after that we drove to the hotel where we would be staying that night. we arrived around five and didn't actually get to our rooms until six because check in was a huge process. honestly, it was a fancy hotel, but i did not like it because the people at the reception desk were so snobby and mean. and they said there was complimentary breakfast, but then when we got to breakfast the next morning, they said it didn't apply to a group as large as ours. assholes.

that night, we went for dinner at a burger shack down by the pier which was nice. but they took really long to prepare our food. but it was understandable because there was twenty of us.

after dinner we gave a concert on a cruise boat for an hour. it was great, but i got a bit sea sick from all the motion. 

when we got back to our hotel, i played 'cards against humanity' with my friends for the first time and we had a party. it was so great, and we watched movies until midnight. 


from there we headed to santa barbara because we were going to sing at a beautiful mission, of the ones junipero serra founded.

since the mass we would sing for was at four, we had all morning so we all went kayaking. 

kayaking is done in partners, and my partner was a sweet exchange student from china who was in our choir. and she kept freaking out, so i had to be the one in charge because we were kayaking in the ocean and it was difficult to get a hang of rowing at first. it was so sad because two of our girls tipped over in their boat and they got drenched. 

one of them was so mad that she refused to get back on the boat and paddle back to shore, so she left with the beach patrol boat and left poor michella on the kayak bc someone had to get it back. when michella got back to shore, she was shaking so hard bc it was a half hour to row back and she was drenched. i felt so bad for her. them two were best friends too and lexi didn't want to hear anything about michella after that. eventually they fixed things. 

we went to lunch at a nice place and later headed to the mission where we sang during the mass.

then we drove an hour and a half to san luis obispo for a mass on sunday we were going to sing for.

that hotel was lower quality, but to me it was so much better than the fancy one. the people at reception were super nice, the rooms were bigger, we had a microwave in our room, and the bathroom was nicer too. 

on this night i stayed up until three in the morning watching a documentary series about how hitler may have fled to argentina after world war two. it was fucking amazing.


we got up a bit early for breakfast and then headed to the church for mass.

it was a really nice experience. but guys, i had such a traumatizing experience. after the mass, people were congratulating us for our performance. but there was this middle aged white guy who just weaved through the crowd, with one target and one target only.

yours truly.

he literally grabbed me around the waist, pulled me super close, and whispered into my ear (whilst my eyes were widened in terror and i was frozen, not knowing what to do): "you had a wonderful performance" he literally said it choked up and shit. "i'll be praying for you". but like, it didn't sound sweet and warm, it sounded creepy and dark, i swear to god. it reminded me of when you're in a dark alley and a killer jumps out at you.

so my choir friends all came to my rescue and he let go and practically ran off. and they were like "are you okay? that was so creepy". and i was traumatized i swear.

then we went to lunch. my group of friends and i got burger and then went to all the little shops.

we went to a HEMP shop. 

it was amazing.

i bought a bunch of little stickers for my laptop.

then we ate at a bomb ass authentic mexican restaurant. from there we went to give our final concert at a methodist church. i honestly thought no one would come because that community was methodist and we are a catholic choir.

but people actually came and we had a great time.

when we got back to the hotel, we stayed in the same one from friday. and we played cards against humanity again. but our party was cut short because some asshole neighbor said we were being too loud so they called security on us.


we woke up early and were out of the hotel by nine.

we had breakfast together at denny's, which was really nice. then we drove back to the school, and here i am. currently at my job at the library. my shift ends in forty minutes, which i took the time to get caught up on twitter.

thank you for reading the boring run down of my choir tour. 

-clary xx

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