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if you latina turn up because we all know we love el desmadre! bahaha. re desmadrosas, pero hermosas, eso si. so i was tagged in the latina tag, and since i LOVE participating in these tag posts and i am latina, i will do it. it is my honor. i had to copy the questions one by one, but its okay. oh, and i was tagged by  <3

numero uno. what is your nationality? 

by birth, i am american. i was born in the united states of america, and as such, i was entitled a citizenship and full american rights even though a toupe wearing old man wants to take that from us. they took our land during the mexican-american war. what more do they want?

anyway, american through birth. 

the way through which i qualify for this tag is through my parents. mom and dad were born in and (sort of) raised in mexico. i say sort of because my dad moved to the us with his older brothers when he was fifteen, so he was kind of raised here too. the thing about him though is that he feels one hundred percent mexican and never let the white man's way of life corrupt his culture. due to this, he does not speak an ounce of english, despite having lived here over half of his life. he says he doesn't want to learn it. he understands it though, to some extent.

my mother lived in mexico until she got married to my dad. she was twenty, and he was twenty three when they got married. and my mom crossed the border PREGNANT with my older sister. she got her citizenship soon after and speaks pretty fluent english. its not perfect, but its not as bad as my dad's.

thus, i can say that i am mexican as well. i don't have citizenship, though i would like it. but i think i dont need a piece of paper to say it. i am not white. i am mexican, and though i've only visited mexico a handful of times (so little that i can count them with my fingers), i know and i love mexico. i feel it is my home. i dont need to live there to feel it. i would totally moved there, but the violence is bad right now and i heard narcos like to kidnap american people.

numero dos. do you speak spanish?

of course i do! who do you think you're asking?

i'm even getting my degree in spanish at the university, as well as a history degree and an art degree. i must admit my spoken spanish isn't totally on point because i tend to forget the translations for some words. i also used to have a really hard time with accents, but now im doing better. one huge mistake i would often make was to write 'nazi' instead of 'naci' (with accent on the i). naci is "born" in english. nazi is obvs nazi like the national socialist german party. i am not a nazi. my spanish teacher would always circle it in red marker and write in capital letters naci = born, nazi = national socialist party. 

getting back to my original point, spanish is a language that i love greatly, and it is the language of my people which i feel very connected to.

i hate it when some hispanics that don't speak spanish (as if not speaking the language of your people wasn't bad enough) ARE ASHAMED TO SPEAK SPANISH. 

like person, are you daft?

march yourself out of this world. i take pride in speaking spanish, and im glad that i was blessed to be a bilingual person. heck, i even want to be a trilingual or more linguistically versed person. it is not something to be ashamed of. OWN IT.

numero tres. what is your favorite dish from where you're from?

there are so many. i mean, mexico has one of the best foods in the world and im not just saying that because im biased. everyone loves mexican food for some unknown reason. it drives them crazy, especially white people.

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