impure thoughts

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before i start this post let me say i cried with all you guys' words of support. why you gotta make a girl feel so loved rn? this is better than having a boyfriend. just friends who are there to pick you up when you feel like a piece of shit. thank you and i love you my homies, my pretties, my loves.

so now getting to the good part. boyfriends. speaking of boyfriends, my friend michella's boyfriend was there and i melted into a puddle of my own feels and frustration for this taken man.

so she was like "hey clara, this is my boyfriend brent."

and i had noticed him through the whole concert bc just wow. what a man. super tall, blonde, blue eyed, just like clary likes her men.

and worst (best) of all, HE LOOKED LIKE BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER. only bastian is more muscular. this guy had the facial features and the hair just the same, but he was lean. not scrawny, but lean.

like damn michella, where u find that man? i want one just like that but maybe german. better yet someone just bring the real bastiano over here and make him fall in love with me.

guy i cant even.

i just wanted to be like "well hello there" *seductively*

but i dont go after taken men and michella is super sweet. but you cant blame a sister for having a few impure thoughts.

also i think they're engaged. sad life for me.

me and my obsession with blonde men.

-clary xx

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