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WARNING: do not read this if ur a usmnt fan bc u wont like what i have to say. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AND IF U TRY TO START AN ARGUMENT, sorry but i will not respond.

SOME usmnt fans are sooooo obnoxious.

okay, so i follow the usmnt page on fb. i like the usmnt, they're my babies. but i cant fucking stand them, i want to delete them from the face of the planet, when a mexico vs. usa is coming up.

here are my reasons why.

-they talk a shit load of smack. okay. i understand that the rivalry is big. méxico is the papá of concacaf and it makes the usa and its fans' blood boil. but come on bitch. talk about futbol, not other issues. i was reading the comments under a vid posted today and they were bringing up shit that has nothing to do with the game. chill bitches, seriously.

-they NEVER (i repeat, NEVER) let the "dos a cero" thing go. so you beat us 2-0 twice. okay. do you want a prize? give it a rest, usa. that got old a long time ago. come up with some new material.

-jordan morris. if you don't know who this kid is, dont worry. most people dont know who the fuck he is or where he came from. probably usa fans know it though. he is a harvard university third year student who is in the usmnt. technically he should be a fourth year bc he is my age, but whatever. cant blame a hoe for getting held back a year or whatever it is that happened to him. so he scored in a mexico game where usa beat us 2-0. and they were bragging bc "JORDAN MORRIS IS ONLY A COLLEGE SOPHOMORE!1!1!1!1!111!" bitch please. 90% of the mexico team that played that day WAS HIS AGE. THE OTHER 10% was players that were OLDER and like two that are younger. so idk what was so amazing.

-they brag about 'taking' some of our players. i know, usa. its a daily struggle waking up in the morning hoping you could be MEXICO NT. but there is only one. the original, the one that cant be matched. THE MOTHER FUCKING MAC DADDY OF CONCACAF. the king of the region, not matter how much it hurts you to admit it.

7 cups > 5 cups.

boom bitch.

GETTING BACK TO THE PLAYER THING. usmnt tries so hard to defeat mexico nt and be mexico nt that literally 50% of their youth nt's are MEXICAN. believe me, i ran through the u20 squad and read every single bio.

they even went as far as recruiting ventura alvarado and william yarbrough; two mexican players that play in the Liga MX. AND THEN SOME USA FANS WERE BITCHING ND LAUGHING AT ME ON TUMBLR BC THEY 'took' ventura and william from us. one of them didnt even know anything. she said william played in La Liga (of Spain). NEWSFLASH PEOPLE, he plays in liga mx. AND WE DIDNT WANT VENTURA AND WILLIAM. if we wanted them, they would have came with us in a blink. but as PIOJO HERRERA SAID: "we have much better players to chose from." you tried though.

-they get mad when we bring up old statistics, but they are stuck in the past with their dos a cero shit. so the usmnt facebook page posted a video from a time thei beat us 2-0 back in 2013 during a WC qualifier. and their fans were laughing and talking shit about mexico. and the caption for the vid was something along the lines of... "the day we beat mexico (again) in columbus with a 2-0 result (again)". and a mexico fan posted a link to the time where we beat them 4-2. AND THE HERO CAPTIONED IT "the day we beat usmnt 4-2 at rosebowl stadium, and we will do it again". AND SO ANGRY USMNT FANS WERE COMMENTING THAT HE WAS A DICK FOR BRINGING IT UP AND THAT HE NEEDED TO STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. and i was like: but bitch...isnt that what you were just doing?

so the guy commented back "so when you do it, its okay? but when i do it, im an asshole? thats unfair."


they live in the past? we can too.

7 gold cups, 1 confederations cup (which u dont have), 1 summer olympics gold medal (which u dont have either), the list is endless.

remember that 5-0, usa?

dont make us have to dominate you and humiliate you that way again.

and what shocked me most is that there were a lot of hispanics talking smack about mexico on the usmnt page. seriously bitch, they better not be mexican bc imma cut a hoe. i understand it somewhat from other latin american countries bc come on (without offense), you gotta back a winner. BUT WHY WOULD U BACK THEM WHEN WE HAVE MORE TROPHIES AND SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE AS U. join us and we can all hate usmnt together (when they play against mexico).

-the clint dempsey missed penalty. one usmnt fan said the most ridiculous thing. there was a game where mexico lost to usa 2-0. and apparently usa was given a penalty that clint dempsey missed. and a usmnt said "clint missed it on purpouse to keep the score 2-0". i get that youre not being serious but WTF. i love my little Clinty Captain America Dempsey. but come on. HE WOULDNT MISS A PENALTY ON PURPOSE. so stop with ur shit. im done with you.

these are all the reasons i can think of. and i also need to stop bc my thumb is getting a cramp.

just to clarify,

i dont hate usmnt.


mexico is better.

and we will prove it on october 10th. your town (los angeles) is our town, your people are our people, and your stadium (rosebowl) is our stadium. we are going to give you a reminder you will never forget.

-clary xx

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