josé van rankin

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if you don't know who he is, look him up. fine ass hell. plays for Pumas de UNAM and the mexican national under 22 football team. if you're mexican, you probably know him and will find this funny as well.

i just remembered this.

but when i went to watch the pre olympic games that were hosted at the stubhub center, the first one was on a friday. and when they said mexico's starting line up against costa rica, my sister and i were laughing so much.

the announcer called him JOSÉ BARRANCA.

like wtf.


its VAN RANKIN homie.


i love how his first name is super mexican (josé), and his last name is super dutch (van rankin). but anyway.

now bc of that, my sister and i call him JOSÉ BARRANCA now. haha.

clary xx

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