cefeteria encounters

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okay, so my first post is about someone i encountered at the caf rn when i was getting breakfast. 

so i normally get up at seven or eight in the morning, but last night i was doing research on francis bacon until two am bc i spent the weekend doing squat for the research project. i dont work on the weekends,oops. i need a break. this aint slave labor, this is america. this is a free country.

today i woke up at nine fifteen. so i overslept. 

i went to the caf and wanted a damned bagel with my breakfast. AND SOME GUY TOOK THE LAST ONION BAGEL JUST AS I WAS ABOUT TO REACH FOR IT. im on my period this week so you understand how that felt. i glared the fuck out of him. *glares in spanish* *kills you in spanish* i was about to slap-a-hoe. 

but i moved on and grabbed a FUCKING PLAIN BAGEL.

no fun.

so as i was about to pay, i hear two guys talking close by behind me. and i froze when i heard one of them. I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING HOLY THAT HE SOUNDED LIKE BARACK OBAMA. so my mind was like: uuuuuf ya valiste madres, clary. the prez is here and ur out here getting breakfast in ur pajamas. 

but i turned and it was just an architect talking to his worker about how they were gonna remodel a certain part of the university.

but i almost died.

going on a small tangent...i have not met or seen barack obama in person. but when we had our senior beach trip in high school, THE AIRFORCE ONE FLEW RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS (for those of you who are non-american, the air force one is where the president travels). and i know he was on that plane bc he had been in LA the night before for a charity event. an also it was on the news that afternoon.

i swear it flew so close to us (the airport is right by the beach), that i could see every detail of the plane. i wish i could have taken a picture, but it was all too fast.

so yeah, 

there goes my first post! ^.^

-clary xx

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