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on thursday night slash friday morning, it was my last night at the university. i moved out around 12pm on friday. so my friends and i decided we would get drunk as our final night in the dorms. and we broke some rules bc we drank in the lounge, and we are only supposed to drink in our bedrooms. and if we drink, it mustg be covered by a paper bag. and the security people are not supposed to see us drinking bc its a catholic university and they want us to respect the traditions.

so we took an uber to ralphs and bought strawberritas. which are basically bud light mixed with strawberry margarita mix. and they come in 10oz. cans with about 10% alcohol content. 

we put them in the freezer while we set up the lounge for beer pong. 

my norwegian-mexican friend taught my other friend and i how to play because we had never played before. we were winning, but in the end norway-mexico won.

then we played something called kings cup. 

by the end that ended, i had drank four strawberritas and was feeling so fucking tipsy. i went to pee and i felt much better, but i barely made it to my room from the lounge. my friend lilly needed norway-mexico had to help her to her room bc when she tried to go by herself, she fell to the floor. but she had drank five. 

then we ran out of strawberritas and wanted more. so we called another uber car. but we wouldn't get there in time because it was 1:30am and ralphs closed at 2am. so we asked the uber guy to stop at ralphs on his way to the university, and then we would pay him for the strawberritas and whatever it cost for him to get to the university.


and while norway-mexico and her friend went to pick up the strawberritas. so i had to take care of lilly, and we had a conversation about which professors we were willing to fuck. IRONIC BC neither of us have fucked anyone xD we both agreed dr. enrigg is an awkward guy but is bae with those blue eyes of his. bahaha.

then norway-mexico came with the drinks and lilly tried to down another strawberrita, but she threw up all over the place. 

i drank two more until i felt like i couldnt take anymore.

we just talked about random shit until 4:30am.

then we went to bed bc i was gonna wake up at 8am then i would leave my room at 9am to get my car from my house so that i could take my belongings.

i woke up at 6am.

i had a sick as hangover. i felt like i was dying, i tried to eat some breakfast, but again, i felt like i would die if i ate. and i felt super dehydrated so i drank some powerade for the electrlytes. haha. i felt sick the whole day.

but totally worth it.

i would definitely do it again.

-clary xx

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