confession #3

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for my confession #3 post, i was going to post that thing about my pants falling down on the dawn of dia de reyes in michoacan 2003. and no one saw me thank god or else i would never want to show my face there EVER again. but since i posted it in the tumblr tag, i will replace the content of this post with something else.

confession #3: my obsession (?) with older men.

you all already know that i have a huge crush on matias almeyda who is LITERALLY TWICE MY AGE (no shame). to put that into perspective: when he was twenty one, i was born. so he was the age that i am now, when i was born. but i dont care. i think he is my bae. that accent melts my entire being. if he were to one day sing me a leo dan song, i would be totally at his mercy. lol okay maybe not that extreme. but the man is good looking.

i know its normal in the football universe to have a crush on older players. but as i revised my list of crushes, i found that the majority are over the age of thirty. allow me to provide some examples.

bastian schweinsteiger. thirty one years old. about ten years older than me. i would marry him in a heart beat. he is tall. he is blonde. he is blue eyed. he is german. literally all the things that make my heart scream.

rafa marquez. thirty six years old. i would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO marry him. my captain of the seleccion, captain of my life, captain of my bed if he wanted to. lol he is a fine piece of mexican ass. 

kaka. thirty three years old. okay, i really love this man because everything about him is absolutely perfect. so far, if i had to choose between rafa, basti, and kaka, i would totally choose kaka.

david villa. thirty four. DAMN wtf. i remember him being twenty six like it was just yesterday. i had such a big crush on him, still do. if i see him on tv, you better believe i will start screaming like a dumbass. my love for this man is so intense that i wil stay up at odd hours of the night just to watch his interviews on tv. i dont care. any sacrifice is worth it for my little guaje. would definitely marry him.

diego alonso. am i the only one who finds pachuca's team manager totally attractive? i like pachuca's style of play, so i watch their games. but if i didn't, i think i would watch the games JUST TO SEE DIEGO ALONSO.

in fact, i'll marry all of them. lets just all go to utah, where apparently polygamy is legal for the mormons. they can play for real salt lake and there. everything sorted.

oh, and then i have a huge crush on my philosophy professor and im pretty sure he's in his thirties. but he is so damn fine. i found a pic of him on google, and i would post it on here. but im scared he will somehow find my posts about him and think im a creep.

next post will be about chichadios padre ( that is what i call chicha's dad, aka javier hernandez gutierrez). and i might even post an unpopular opinion post if i gather my non existent balls and channel some bravery from them.

-clary xx

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