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cry babies

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today's post is about a cry baby you may know as h e r c u l e z  g o m e z . first of all, h e r c u l e z really is his name. its not a nickname. and yes, it is spelled with a z. but i honestly didn't come here to talk about his name because i honestly think its pretty badass. what im here to talk about is how he is such a cry baby.

okay so the quarter finals for the concacaf champions league were this week. it was mls teams (teams they claim are their best ones), against ligamx teams. out of four mexican teams, four made it to the semi final. out of four mls teams, none made it to the semi final. and so this footballer who most recently played for toronto fc, said that the mls was catching up to mexican football and that this was the year mls teams would knock out the mexican teams. little side note, he is mexican-american like me. he was born here, but his parents are mexican. and he grew up in the la area like me. but he chose to play for usa. im assuming because mexico never called him. but his club career has been spent between mexico and usa.

anyway, when 4/4 mls lost, he said that mexico has a better league. but he also said that mls lost because of pre-seaosn, injuries. players suspended, etc. just a whole bunch of excuses. 

so i tweeted him back, saying, "so liga mx players dont get injured or suspended?"

and he replied "who said that?"

so i replied "the way in which you worded your tweet gave off the impression that you are unaware liga mx players can also suffer from injuries or suspension."

he never replied to me after that. today he posted something along the lines of "getting insulted by "journalists"" and other shit. and since i have on my twitter bio "almost journalist" because im currently working on my journalism degree, i almost feel like he was indirecting me, as well as other people (bc i know im not the center of the universe) bc i called him out on what he said.

i dont know. what do you all think? haha.

-clary xx

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