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hispanic disney princess

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finally, after waiting twenty one years of my life for this to happen. there is now a hispanic PRINCESS. her name is elena of avalor, and she will supposedly get her own show on disney jr. channel. she is soooooo pretty and her dress is on point. she kind of reminds me of the old days. idk how to explain. so avalor is a made up kingdom and she was made to model the latin culture. but fuck it, i'll pretend she's an aztec princess from mexico.

the actres who will voice elena is a girl from the dominican republic, which is great bc they arent getting some white woman to do it. like in the movie pan where they get a white girl to play tiger lily. wtf.

the one thing i don't like about all this is that she isn't getting a movie like the othet princesses. and there's even going to be this new gorgeous polynesian princess called moana. but does ELENA GET A MOVIE? no.

why you gotta throw shade like that, disney?

my other complaint is...WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG?

when i was a child i loved the princesses, but i always wondered why there wasnt one i could relate to in terms of culture. im not a fish like ariel, im not german like snow white, not french like cinderella or belle, im not english like aurora, not native american like pocahontas, im not black like tiana, or chinese like mulan.

but i can relate to elena. she probably speaks spanish. her skin is a bit darker than mine, but almost the same. her eyes are brown, mine are hazel which is pretty close. her hair is dark like mine. she is hispanic, i am hispanic. she dresses the way a hispanic would dress. she probably likes the same things we like. like tacos. or chili on every food. horchata.

where was this princess when i was a kid? why did disney take so long? there are millions of hispanics in the usa, and disney neglected us all. heck, they catered to the norwegians before us (with anna and elsa). not saying that was a bad thing, but you dont see many norwegians here. where was the love for hispanics?

another bit of praise for disney though. i like that they didnt set a specific place for elena. bc i feel like they would have gone with mexico and then the rest of the hispanics would have complained. i like that they set her in an imaginary land. that way all hispanics can feel included when they see elena.

but yeah, what do you all think of this?

her name is elena of avalor and she's getting her own show on disney jr. in 2016.

i personally prefer that she gets a movie and is included in the official disney line up, but i like that they are finally adding a hispanic princess. she better speak spanish or im about to stab a hoe.

-clary xx

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