unpopular opinion #1

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disclaimer: i want to post a list of my unpopular opinions because i want to see if any of you agree with me, or if anyone has any unpopular opinions of their own, feel free to let me know in the comments. these are my opinions, and if you disagree, that's fine. just dont start a huge drama bc its normal for people to disagree about a couple of things ^.^ i dont have to like the same things you all do, and you dont have to like the same things i do.


unpopular opinion numero uno

i honestly cannot stand beyoncé


maybe that isnt exactly the way i want to word it. 


people just act like she's the supreme ruler of everything (i do this with chichadios, geez clary, such a hypocrite) and i never really understood why. like, what is the reason why she's so damn special as an artist? i dont listen to her music, so i wouldnt know. to me she's a normal person, another in the bunch, if you will. more likely, i just cant stand the fact that people make such a huge deal over her. i DO agree that she has a wonderful voice, and i also love what she has done to call out the racial injustice in this country. i want to make it clear that i don't dislike her as a person because i don't know her.

and maybe i might grow to like her if i could get to know her better, but of course that will never happen because she is famous and i am just a regular joe. but i honestly do not like her as an artist. i think its more of the fact that she is seen as some sort of authority figure, when i myself dont see her as such. perhaps that is what bothers me about her as an artist/musician.

to the people who love her: i understand that she is your chichadios, which is why i keep these kinds of opinions to myself. they are unnecessary for the most part. and im not trying to start an argument with anyone. just posting a few unpopular opinions that i have.

it is an unpopular opinion because i know so many people that like her. and many people will probably disagree with me.

it probably doesn't even sound like i have any legitimate reasons to dislike her. but that's just the way it is sometimes. you don't like some people and that's okay. what wouldn't be okay would be for me to talk smack about her.

that is something i will not do because she strikes me as a generally nice human being.

so yeah, unpopular opinion numero uno.

i hope that by the end of this series of posts, i dont end up socially dead. lol

-clary xx

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