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guys, yesterday was an important day in mexican football history, but so it today.

today, chivas went up against monarcas, who are leaders of the tournament with nine points. chivas were in the last slots, with one point. but they proved, at home, that they are the giant slayers. last season they slayed an underfeated cruz azul. this season they slayed an undefeated monarcas.

and that was not what made this day a historic one. 

what made this historic was that omar bravo, who has one more season with chivas, needed one goal to equalize with the legendary salvador reyes and his all time scoring record with chivas. he needed two goals if he wanted to surpass him. 

to be completely honest, i didn't think it would happen today. but omar proved me wrong.

he scored the first goal, the commentators went crazy bc this was a historic moment. and in the next minute HE SCORED AGAIN, making him the new all time goal scorer for chivas.

i am so happy that i got to watch this historic moment and i am so happy for the bae omar.

he was my first football crush along with beckham and kaka. 


and they had omar sign the ball after the game, because they're going to add it to the chivas museum (i did not know such a thing existed, i mist go to this museum). they also gave him a small piece of the net from the game and said a few words about this historic moment in chivas football. one hundred and twenty three goals with the red and white jersey of guadalajara. 

then omar said a few words. he is so humble. he thanked his family and friends, as well as the fans for supporting him and having patience when he wasn't scoring. he also dedicated the victory, as well as the two goals to his newborn son, his wife, and chava reyes and his family. he said that even though the record is his now, the legend chava reyes will always be number one. 

this is why this man is my idol. i adore him.

mark this day in your calendars, guys.

because today omar bravo made history.

-clary xx

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