u17 quarter finals

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with the round of sixteen having been played this week, the quarter finals will be disputed this sunday and monday. the round of sixteen was intense. i only watched the mexico game because i have school to go to, but i followed everything on social media.

mexico was brilliant, my boys are demonstrating we are beast in this category.

they defeated germany and argentina, and got a draw with australia in the group stage. and then they went on to kick the hosts out of their own tournament.

it seems we are experts at that.

in 2011, we got colombia out of their own tournament at the u20 world cup. and even though we didn't take the cup home, we got third place, and it was the year we got medals in every category (u17 champions, gold cup champions, panamerican champions, u20 bronze medalists, etc.).

the quarter finals will be as follows:

brazil vs nigeria. i know this is going to be one of the greatest games of the cup, just as mexico against either of these two would be a great game. mexico, brazil, ghana, and nigeria are the top four countries in this category. that alone assures it will be a great game. added to this is that the nigerians have been on fire, absolutely slaying every opponent. and it makes me very happy. we need more underrated countries reaching achievements like this. there is too much brazil in elite football (sorry brazil). on the other hand, i want brazil to win bc im terrified that if nigeria faces mexico, nigeria might win like in 2013. that year the final was mexico vs nigeria, and the nigerians won.

croatia vs mali. idk how croatia has been playing. but mali is on fire. i saw their game against honduras, and i was screaming my head off. they were amazing. total favorites to win the cup, for me, if mexico doesn't get there. 

ecuador vs mexico. this is going to be a great game because of the prestige and skill mexico has. we have won two cups in this category and we are certainly proving we want and deserve the third. hopefully we can continue on our journey all the way to the final. there has to be another golden generation, or generacion dorada in spanish, in mexican football. we need this. our youngsters need to prove that our ligamx teams don't need so many foreigners to succeed. they can look within the country, give chances to the young players. when mexico won the cup in 2011, there was about a one year period in ligamx that the teams actually fielded more youngsters. we need this again.

belgium vs costa rica. i dont have much opinion on this one. i kind of just want costa rica to win so that we can have another hispanic team in the mix.

any predictions? 

-clary xx

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