milk cup

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does anyone know if mexico is still banned from the milk cup tournament.? i was looking at some pics on my phone and i have one of antonio briseño from when he and the boys won the cup in 2012. he looks fine af covered in milk from head to toe...thats not the point.

the following year, chucky lozano and another group of boys went to participate in the tournament in northern ireland,

the final was hosts northern ireland vs mexico.

and mexico won.

but the victory was taken away bc MY BABIES GOT INTO A HUGE FIGHT ON THE PITCH WITH THE NORTHERN LADS. and i remember hearing that mexico was banned from that tournament now. but was it...for one tournament? or are they banned forever? does anyone know?

they were prob jealous that we were winning lol.

but srsly. violence is never the answer.

-clary xx

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