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so this morning i had my first test in the bae's class. and i literally had no idea what the fuck i was doing. i swear this is the most stressful semester of my life, which is why i decided to push back my graduation to next summer. but that's another story. like i mentioned, today i had a test in the bae's class.

so he passed out the test packets. and we all got to work. i was so concentrated trying to remember the lessons, but i learned next to nothing. i was always too distracted admiring his face.

like half way during the test, he got up from his chair at the computer podium and walked over to me. i ignored him because i was trying to get some work done. he like opened the window and started swatting at something. so i finally looked and he was trying to get a bee that was close to me. i fangirled and went back to my test.

when he was done, he closed the window and whispered to me with a grin, "i just saved your life."

i melted, gals.

and i rolled my eyes and said, "thank you."

he kinda chuckled and replied, "your welcome." then he returned to the podium.

guys in my crazy delusions fueled by my imagination, he loves me. and we have a connection. bahaha. nah. i think he's just a nice guy like that.

-clary xx

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