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mexican revolution

as some of you may know, yesterday was THE 105TH ANNIVERSARY of the start of the MEXICAN REVOLUTION. i love the mexican revolution guys, let me tell you. 

life as a mexican has never been easy. 

first you had the spanish coming to our hood, taking over our land, enslaving our people, and raping women like they owned the place (yes im counting the aztecs as mexicans, though i know that modern mexicans are a mix of indigenous people and spaniards). then when we finally got tired of their shit and decided to take our land back, we were successful in 1821. 

then the french thought they could invade and the battle of puebla among others happened in the 1860's. france ended up ruling over mexico for a period of time.

then finally porfirio diaz comes in and rules over mexico until around nineteen eleven when the coward flees to france. the mexican revolution started on november 20th 1910. the people were tired of porfirio diaz and his shit. 

from there was a tumultuous path of leader after leader being killed and replaced with someone else.

its been tough, and still is.

and i like to remember the start of the revolution. mostly because it is a reminder that if the people are not being treated fairly, there is always a chance for revolution, always a chance for change.

as long as its positive, im on board with it. 

LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION, and long live Mexico!

cotto vs canelo

i swear this fight is the fight of the year for me, screw pacquiao vs mayweather (i like pac man, i just like canelo so much more). 

if you dont know canelo, look him up. 

ig username is 'canelo'. he is my redhead bae. he is mexican, from jalisco and he is a damn good boxer. in his whole career (he is only twenty five), he has only lost one fight, which was the one against mayweather. so this promises to be a great fight. 

just to put that into perspective, his previous opponent (james kirkland) was knocked out in before the finish of the third round. so it literally took canelo about eight minutes to knock out kirkland. it was one of canelo's best fights yet.

i dont know much about cotto, but mexico and puerto rico are among the four countries with the best boxers.

anyway, i hope my little cinnamon stick can win. bc he is mexican and i gotta support la raza. and because i like him anyway. and as a passionate mexican, i always want other mexicans to do really well at everything they do.

real madrid vs fcb

all i gotta say is madrid lost.

visca el barça i visca catalunya per sempre. 

that is what real madrid gets for not appreciating the holy wonders of chichadios and his talented little mexican feet.

pumas vs america

pumas is currently losing. i cry.

chivas vs santos

its my baes (chivas) against literally the WORST team of the tournament. i swear to god if they lose, i will lose all hope in them (just until the next season starts). there is no way for them to qualify for the playoffs anymore. this is to help with their relegation problem.

but they have to win it, for their own honor as well.

ligamx liguilla

its that time of year guys!

the ligamx playoffs are coming up after sunday. and only eight teams will be qualified. once i know who the eight teams will be, im going to start a new post on here so that we could do our bi-annual bet.

you all know how it works. eight people chose one team each. as teams are eliminated, people will be eliminated.

when the ligamx winner is crowned, the losers will have to use a picture of a player from the winner team (wearing their club uniform, no national team) for one week. its a bet i really like participating in with all of you because we get to talk and discuss liga mx. so stay tuned for that. at the latest, i'll know by tomorrow morning.

thank you for reading my lame little posts!

-clary xx

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