small world

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as the creepy dolls in disneyland's "small world" ride put it: its a small world after all. 

i was stalking my newest team on social media (los angeles fc - they are the team that will replace my beloved chivas usa, long live my little mexican american goats), im so excited for this because they will play in a stadium like 10-15 minutes from my house. and also bc as an aspiring sports journalist, this can benefit me bc they will likely be looking for people to offer jobs to. win-win. anyway, so i was stalking their twitter page, and mia hamm and her husband are investors in the team.

some of you may or may not know that mia hamm was a femal footballer, on the national team, i believe she won a gold medal at the olympics 2004. that's not the point.

during her speech, which i watched on lafc's twitter, they had her name on there as 'mia hamm garciaparra'. which garciaparra is her married name, obvs. so then her husband spoke and he was apparently a baseball player for the boston red soxx or some shit like that, i dont follow baseball.

i looked him up.

he is of mexican descent. but that isnt what totally blew my mind. in his bio it says that he has a cousin that plays in la liga de ascenso (mexico's second division), and he plays for correcaminos. i used to watch their matches when i had cable, and they actually play quite well. anyway, it also mentioned his uncle is JAVIER 'ZULLY' LEDESMA. i know ZULLY, okay. he PLAYED FOR CHIVAS. he was a legendary player.

but like what were the odds.

mia hamm, a legendary footballer herself, married a man whose uncle was a LEGENDARY player as well. 

its a fucking small world after all.


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