poll #1

66 9 9

i have a poll for you all because i am so fucking undecided rn.

so apparently usmnt is playing at the stubhub center (galaxy home stadium), which is 20 minutes from my house. they will be up against iceland, and the most affordable tickets are $28 including tax and stuff.

this is a possible chance to see my little american man crush michael bradley, and captain america clint dempsey, who i have a huge crush on. and maybe even ventura alvarado the betrayer and aron johannsson my little icelandic baby. and i've never been to a usmnt match, and i'd really like to go one bc i support them whenever they dont play against mexico.

what do you all think?

would you go?

it could be a once in a lifetime chance to get tickets at that price, for usmnt. and they hardly ever play at the stubhub center. 

im so conflicted.

-clary xx

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