bank of america & tmobile

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is this an actual rant i see?


let me just start with: FUCK TMOBILE and BANK OF AMERICA. fucking bastards. i am convinced they are only around to fuck people over and steal their money. this is how they thrive. and im sick of their fucking shit.

let me begin with tmobile. 

my bill was due last wednesday, and they sent me a text saying i had to pay my bill. but i wasn't going to get paid until friday. so i didnt pay it, obviously. so when i got paid on friday, i went on my account and it said i OWED THEM 120$. which is a totally ridiculous late fee for two motherfucking days. i mean i know i was late, but give me a break. last time i was late on my payment by ten days and they didn't charge me anything. 

so i called them and explained the situation and bottom line is they did not give a flying fuck. still had to pay that.

so bank of america. i have two accounts, a checking and a savings. my savings is for things like my graduate school applications and graduation dues. and apparently they only let you do six transactions per month for the savings acc. yesterday i took out some money from there. and surprise surprise, they took $20 because apparently i did seven transactions.

well fuck you bank of america.

its my money. i can do whatever the fuck i want with it. i worked for it, i earned it. i am so tempted to call and be like "fucking give me back my twenty dollars bitch." but i would probably curse them out and it would probably not end well.

so a big fuck you to bank of america and tmobile.

fuck you.

fuck you.

fuck you.

just lost like 80$ in the span of like four days.

-clary xx

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